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Cisco Port Adapters

SNA Internetworking Design and Implementation Guide


Table Of Contents

SNA Internetworking

SNA Internetworking

Introducing the Cisco Mainframe Channel Connection

Describes the evolution of enterprise networks, Cisco's history and expertise in mainframe channel technologies, and the Cisco Mainframe Channel Connection family of products

Introducing SNA on the CMCC

Provides an overview of subarea SNA, APPN, and SNASw and introduces the features that a CMCC offers in an SNA environment

Implementing SNA on the CMCC

Describes the basic requirements to consider before designing and migrating to a CMCC in an SNA network

Introducing TCP/IP on the CMCC

Discusses the forces driving enterprises to adopt TCP/IP on the mainframe and provides an overview of the TCP/IP features offered on the CMCC

Implementing TCP/IP on the CMCC

Describes considerations for designing a TCP/IP network using the CMCC and where to place features for optimal network performance and scalability

Migration Scenarios

Shows the basic configuration of the most common network designs, explains why and when to use a particular network design, and describes how to migrate from or coexist with a FEP in each of the sample networks

Using CMCC Network Management Tools

Describes the tools available to manage Cisco channel-attached routers, CMCCs, and Cisco router and switch networks used in data center solutions

Comparing a CMCC to the IBM 3745/3746, 3172, and OSA

Compares the functions provided by a Cisco channel-attached router to the IBM 3745/3746, 3172, and OSA

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