Cisco Port Adapters

Multichannel STM-1 Port Adapter

Product Bulletin—No. 1309

The Multichannel STM-1 Port Adapter
   for the Cisco 7600, 7500 and
7200 Series Routers

Cisco introduces the Multichannel STM-1 Port Adapter for the Cisco 7600 and FlexWAN module. The PA-MC-STM-1 is a single-wide, multichannel STM-1 port adapter designed to address the demand for SDH network connections on the Cisco 7600, 7500, and 7200 Series routers as well as the Cisco Catalyst 6500. The port adapter enables users to channelize an STM-1 down to 64 kbps using a variety of encapsulations on as many as 256 logical channels.

Product Applications

The PA-MC-STM-1 is ideal for today's rapidly expanding WAN environment. The port adapter meets a variety of service interconnect requirements, including concurrent support for leased line and Frame Relay.

Enterprises and service providers can connect the adapters' STM-1 ports into these services for aggregation of a large number of remote sites. As an integral part of a service node where customer bandwidth needs are uncertain, the single-port PA-MC-STM-1 allows service providers to avoid determining beforehand how ports will be allocated between DS0, NxDS0, and E1. For enterprises, the flexibility to support multiple remote-site connections with a variety of speeds and encapsulations reduces circuit and equipment expenditures by integrating the capabilities and services of numerous port adapters onto a single adapter.

MPLS VPN Support

With Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.1(16)ST.

Ordering Information


First Shipment on the Cisco 7600 and Catalyst 6500

With Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.1(7)E.

Currently Shipping on the Cisco 7500 and 7200

7500: With Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.0(15)S

7200: With Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.1(7)E

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