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Cisco 7300 Series Routers

Miercom Lab Testing, Cisco 7304, Sept. 2003


The testing covers the Cisco 7304 Series Router with the NSE-100 routing engine. The goal of the testing was to demonstrate the Cisco 7304's ability to forward IPv4 and MPLS packets at OC-12 line rate with services and to evaluate failover times with traffic passing. The Cisco 7304 proved itself a high-performance edge device making it an ideal platform for enterprise Internet Gateway applications or as a high-end CPE router with high-speed optical interfaces for service providers.

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Key Findings:
1) Cisco 7304 with NSE-100 routing engine scales to 1,000 Virtual Routing Forwardings (VRFs) in MPLS VPN while forwarding MPLS packets at line rate

2) Demonstrated a Route Processor failover time of only 0.4 seconds on average

3) Delivered OC-12 line-rate performance for 128-byte and higher packet sizes with multiple services enabled

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