This section contains information on the caveats currently associated with Cisco Jabber for iPad.

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    Open Caveats

    The following caveats are open against Cisco Jabber for iPad. This caveat list was generated on 19th July.

    Identifier Severity Component Headline
    CSCud57822 3 general Unable to sign in VCS through TCP if TLS is disabled on VCS server
    CSCue32123 4 general Call button disappears in dial pad and doesn't work in profile page
    CSCuf35576 4 general [Jabber video for telepresence] No video and voice between J4iPad
    CSCuf77927 4 general Call is not completely closed after BYE message
    CSCuf82345 3 general Black video on hardphone cp-9971 after exit from conference call
    CSCuf84838 4 general Crash happens when binding CUCM account after reconnecting
    CSCug05381 3 general Jabber Video for TelePresence reconnects very slowly
    CSCug05391 3 general Jabber failed to reconnect VCS after idle for around 10 mins
    CSCug57371 3 im-presence Jabber iPad presence status do not sync up with other jabber apps
    CSCug57852 3 im-presence iPad presence status did not sync up with Jabber for Windows
    CSCug58403 3 general Bad voice quality when speaking closely with microphone
    CSCug60507 3 im-presence <CUP>Reconnect network, offline IM has lost
    CSCuh32637 3 general Selfview of Jabber-iPad doesn't work after ATA 187 does unattened transf

    Closed Caveats

    The following caveats have been closed for Cisco Jabber for iPad.

    Identifier Severity Component Headline
    CSCtz62386 3 general lost audio during 1.5 hour call and video is blur
    CSCuc31027 3 general Jabber cannot receive call after running in background with VPN(Apple bug)
    CSCue17842 3 general Jabber in background cannot get wifi available event(Apple bug)
    CSCue17893 3 general Wifi drops to cellular, causes jabber to miss incoming calls(Apple bug)
    CSCuf00424 3 general Jabber crash when input IM quickly(Apple Bug).
    CSCuf35109 3 general Sometime Jabber crashed when hold/resume EX90 or end call---Apple Bug
    CSCuf41363 2 im-presence Inconsistent Jabber iPad 9.3 presence with other Jabber clients
    CSCuf81278 3 im-presence DNS resolution may take too long time when sign-in or reconnect IM&P
    CSCuh24285 3 general Self view of video call is reflected in the transferred audio call

    Resolved Caveats

    The following caveats have been resolved in Cisco Jabber for iPad.

    Release 9.3(2)

    Identifier Severity Component Headline
    CSCuf64988 3 im-presence (WebEx)Self presence show " available" but actually offline
    CSCuf77800 4 general WebEx account is not deleted after relaunch Jabber
    CSCuf81504 6 vcs-signaling Jabber for iPad AD Auth : Send NTLMv2 response only. Refuse LM & NTLM
    CSCug05064 3 general Jabber iPad crashed after double hold with ex90
    CSCug18821 3 general Jabber iPad intermittent no media with ICE enabled
    CSCug20547 3 general Jabber Ipad to TPS with hold/resume causes intermittent hung call
    CSCug36005 3 general (CUCM)DTMF key shouldn't be printed in log file
    CSCuh11796 3 general Displaying wrong DN in Jabber for iPad
    CSCuh23891 3 general Jabber shouldn't cache internal proxy when switch to 3G network
    CSCuh32696 3 general Displaying wrong DN information in Jabber for iPad
    CSCuh35812 3 general Connect on Demand fails when "Preset wireless network" config is blank
    CSCuh40262 2 general Jabber crash when sign in if enable auto HTTP Proxy
    CSCuh56432 3 meetings Jabber for iPad get stuck while escalating to the CWMS WebEx Meeting
    CSCuh62508 2 general Jabber crash when sign in
    CSCuh85514 3 general LDAP search result takes 2 min to come back
    CSCui08550 3 general (VCS)Jabber can't sign in successfully if only configure SRV for VCSE
    CSCui10866 3 general J4iPad: JPN: truncation of "Reset password" and no link of "Send PRT"