Real-Time Monitoring Tool Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 2.x
Using Plug-ins

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Using Plug-ins

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Using Plug-ins

You can expand the functionality of RTMT by installing an application plug-in, such as the Voice Log Translator (VLT) application. You can download the latest plug-ins for the RTMT viewer from After installing the plug-in, you can access the application in the RTMT viewer.

To download the plug-in, perform the following procedure:


Step 1 Choose Application > CCO Voice Tools Download.

Step 2 The Login Prompt displays. Enter your user name and password and click OK.

Step 3 Download the file to your PC.

Step 4 To begin the installation, double-click the download file.

Step 5 Follow the installation instruction.

To access the plug-in, perform the following procedure:


Step 1 Perform one of the following tasks:

On the Quick Launch Channel

Click System.

In the tree hierarchy, double-click Tools.

Click the icon of the application in which you are interested.

Under System > Tools > Plugin, choose the plug-in that you want to launch.

The application displays in the plugin window.

Refer to the application document for usage information.

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