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Welcome to Cisco Press

Welcome to Cisco Press

Welcome to Cisco Press

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This site presents published selections from Cisco Press. For a listing of available publications, please visit Cisco Press Online hosted by Macmillan Technical Publishing.

Note The public site provides access to sample chapters from each publication. An internal site, available only to Cisco employees, presents the complete text of each book. Cisco employees should visit the Cisco Employee Connection website to access the complete posting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following Q&A outlines the scope, objectives, and direction of the Cisco Press.

Q1. How do I buy Cisco Press books?

Cisco Press books are not Cisco corporate documents. Instead, they are published as retail books in cooperation with our partner Macmillan Technical Publishing (MTP). You can purchase Cisco Press books either directly from Cisco or any place you would normally buy a technical book "off-the-shelf."

Look in the following locations:

You can find more information about our programs, products, and upcoming releases at the official Cisco Press online presence.

Q2. I am a Cisco employee, how do I purchase Cisco Press books?

Cisco employees should use the internal ordering mechanism at Cisco Connection Online to purchase books at a discount. Be sure that you are logged in as a registered user, then click the "Cisco MarketPlace" link on the "Products and Ordering" page. Only Cisco employees can order Cisco Press books through the Cisco MarketPlace environment. Choose the "shopping for the company" option. Cisco Press books can be found under "Brochures & Documentation Center" at the "Doc - cisco press books" link.

Q3. What is the Cisco Press?

The Cisco Press is a cooperative publishing program involving MTP and Cisco Systems.The Cisco Press is co-managed by Macmillan and Cisco.

Under the agreement, Cisco and Macmillan will co-develop and publish books focusing on network design, implementation, and technologies. Planned topics include WAN technologies, campus design, multimedia transport, Internet access, and IBM networking implementation.


To establish Cisco as the computing community's foremost resource for networking-related information.

Goals and Objectives

Q4. How will books be published?

Cisco Systems will provide subject matter experts (SMEs) and authors recruited from throughout the organization. Macmillan will provide marketing, publishing, and distribution support. Editing, book design, and channel programs also will be Macmillan responsibilities.

Q5. Why is Cisco participating?

Cisco believes an information void exists that needs to be filled. That void is in the area of practical networking implementation guidelines. At the heart of the Cisco Press program will be books that discuss network design and implementation issues, present topologies that address those issues, and illustrate specific system configurations that apply to those topology solutions.

Q6. Who are the authors?

Generally, authors will be Cisco networking experts from various business units in the organization, including Enterprise Technical Marketing, Consulting Engineering, Customer Support Engineering, and Developmental Engineering groups. Many of the authors will be teamed with veteran writers who will help facilitate the translation from techno-speak to a more accessible form of English. As appropriate outside experts will also be called upon to co-author books with Cisco experts.

Q7. Do you plan to make the Cisco Press books publicly available online at this site?

Not in all cases. Depending on the authoring arrangements and topic, books might appear in their entirety at the public version of this site. Cisco employees will have online access to the complete text of all publications at the Cisco internal site.

Request for Proposals

We are always interested in pursuing books that make sense for our customers. We're most interested in developing books that focus on network design and implementation. However, we plan to publish a number of technology backgrounders, Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert tutorials, programmer-oriented references, and possibly texts supporting university curricula. Your input on content for our books, topics, and possible authors is always welcome. Send your comments to the Cisco Press Program Team.

U.S. mail:
Attn: Jim LeValley, Cisco Press Program Manager
Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134-1706

We hope you find the information provided in the Cisco Press to be genuinely useful.

Cisco Press Program Team


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