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Service orders

Changes related to service orders will consist of enforcement of service-related data validations to improve order accuracy and user interface modifications to simplify service order entry.

Service Information Validations Enforced

The Ordering Tool will enforce service information validations to help ensure service order data quality. These new validations will enable orders to be processed more quickly and accurately, resulting in faster service entitlement.

The following categories of service information will be validated:

  • Service availability—The Ordering Tool will confirm whether the service is available for the selected location, product type, and customer type. Click here to view additional information.
  • Contract number—When an existing contract number is provided for a new service order, the Ordering Tool will confirm that the contract number is valid and that the bill-to address matches the service contract. Click here to view additional information.
  • Serial number—For “M” (Maintenance)- type services, the Ordering Tool will validate that the product serial number is valid and that the service is available for the product. Click here to view additional information.
  • Date—For M-type services, you will have the option of requesting a contract start date that is no later than 90 days from the date of the order. The Ordering Tool will confirm that the requested date is valid. The Ordering Tool will also validate the service coverage period, including the last date of support for the service ordered. Click here to view additional information.
  • Warranty enhancement service—When you request the warranty enhancement service, the Ordering Tool will confirm that the warranty period is valid. Click here to view additional information.

Service-Related User Interface Changes

Maintenance Type Assigned by Default

The Ordering Tool will set the service order maintenance type automatically to either M (maintenance) or P (pending), based on your other ordering input. The Maintenance Type drop-down list will be removed. Service renewals can be submitted through the Service Contract Center (SCC).

New Service Duration, Contract Start Date, and Country Fields (Line Item Details Page)

A new Duration drop-down list on the Line Item Details page will allow you to specify the service duration for all service lines. The duration can be set to 1, 2, or 3 years. The duration is identified independently of the quantity.

A new field is available for contract start date information (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Contract Start Date Information Field
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There is a new drop-down list for selecting country information (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Country Information Drop-Down List
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New Service Part Number Drop-Down List (Line Item Details Page)

In the Service Options section of the Line Item Details page, the Service Level drop-down list will include the part number as well as the description (see Figure 3). This addition will simplify identification and selection of the correct service.

Figure 3: Service Level Drop-Down List
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Ability to Add Service Line to a New or Existing Contract (Line Item Details Page)

New radio buttons labeled Existing Contract and New Contract will be added to the Line Item Details page (see Figure 4).

To add service to an existing contract, select the Existing Contract radio button and enter the contract number in the text box.

To add the service line to a new contract, simply select the New Contract radio button.

Figure 4: Existing Contract and New Contract Radio Buttons
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Ability to Link Service for Products on Current Order or a Different Order

Improved features allow users to easily link service to products on a current order or products on a different order. Use the drop-down lists Product on This Order and Product on Another Order to choose product information. For current orders, this feature allows linkage of pending service to a product. For other orders, select the product and then provide either a serial number or sales order (SO), Cisco Marketplace (MP), as well as line numbers for the SO or MP orders.

Linked Product Validations (Line Item Details Page)

The Ordering Tool will require each service line to have a clear linkage to the covered product by either serial number or SO number, MP number, and related line information for more accurate order placement.

Ability to Specify Serial Numbers

On the Line Item Details page, users will be prompted to provide serial numbers for each service item ordered when selecting a product on another order. The field for serial number matches the number of eligible products selected from the Product on Another Order drop-down list.

Ability to Specify Order and Line Information

In order to help ensure accurate linking of service and product information, users can specify the SO number, the MP number, and specific related line number information (see Figure 5).

Figure 5: Specifying SO Number, MP Number, and Line Number Information
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Help for Finding Cisco Serial Numbers (Line Item Details Page)

A new link to the Cisco Serial Number Location Finder Tool will be added to the Line Item Details page to display where the serial number can be found on an item.

Service-Related “Incomplete” Flags

Additional service order fields will be checked for completeness and flagged with the red “Incomplete” link in the main order form, if necessary (see Figure 6). Checks include validation of the serviced line item ID and the presence of a serial number for the linked product.

Figure 6: “Incomplete” Flag in Main Order Form
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