Cisco Pricing Tool Enhancements
Cisco's Pricing Tool offers new download options that gives customers more flexibility and options when downloading Cisco's pricing information. When requesting a Price List, customers have the option to download by Product Family. Once the desired Product Family has been selected, the following key options are available:
Pricing Tool
  • Download up to 10 Product Families: Quickly view pricing information for the exact family product type, without scrolling down the entire list of products.

    Cisco Pricing Tool Enhanced User
    Interface - Click to enlarge
  • Confirm Selected Product Families: Ensures accuracy of your selected items.

  • Reselect your download options: The "Back" button enables users to quickly go back to the Selection page and reselect new options.

The Product Family option will be available to download in one of three format types: Microsoft Excel file, Text file and ASCII file.

In addition, customers can download the entire Cisco Price List in a compressed file format. Downloading a file in a compressed format improves performance up to 90%.


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