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Welcome to the Change Order Tool! This list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) describes enhancements that have been made to Change Order Tool effective August 15, 2005, and provides general guidance on how to use Change Order Tool.

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FAQ's for recent Change Order Tool enhancements:


1. Change Order Tool doesn’t look that different. What’s been added?

Beginning August 15, 2005, the Change Order Tool has an enhanced look and feel. The goal of these changes is to enable orders to be processed more quickly and accurately, leading to faster service entitlement.

The changes in Change Order Tool reflect changes at Cisco regarding service ordering related controls, contractual and bundled discount applications, credit card ordering, federal/government orders, Order Types and Intended Use.

2. I understand the Address Book has been improved for this release.

Yes. Formerly, users could only delete one address at a time from their list of saved addresses. With this release, users can either delete one address at a time or opt to remove multiple addresses. Change Order Tool displays the Manage My Addresses page.

Address search functionality has also improved. Formerly, when a user searched for an address in the address book and no search results were found, Change Order Tool re-displayed the Contacts page without a confirmation message that no results were found. With this release, an information message is displayed and users are prompted to take further action.

3. What things are users no longer able to do in Change Order Tool?

With this release, changes in Cisco ordering-related controls are reflected in some limitations on how end-users may access Change Order Tool, including the following:

  • No adding or changing of Promotion or E-Rate codes to existing orders
  • No modification of Government or Try and Buy orders
  • No changes to orders that were placed by credit card

If you need to change any such order, please contact Cisco Customer Support.

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General Guidance

1. How can I query my order to submit a change request?

Use the Change Order Tool’s Order Reference drop-down list to select one category for querying your order: online order ID, Purchase Order number or Sales Order number.

Enter the number in the Number field, then click Submit Query. Change Order Tool displays the Order Status Form for the order you wish to change.

2. What is the Online Order ID in the Order Reference field?

Online Order ID is the MP Number that was assigned to your order when it was originally created using the Cisco Ordering Tool.

3. What is the Purchase Order Number in the Order Reference field?

Purchase Order Number was entered by the customer when the order was originally created using the Cisco Ordering Tool.

4. What is the Sales Order number in the Order Reference field?

A Sales Order Number is assigned at the time an order is booked. It is provided to the customer as part of the Order Booking Confirmation email.

5. Can I change the type of the order from Standard Order to Trade-In Order?

No. Once an order is submitted in the Ordering Tool, you cannot change its order type.

6. Is it possible to request changes to the Promotional Code for all order types?

You can change the Promotional Code for any order except one from the U.S. Government No, Promotion and e-Rate codes may not be added or changed in Change Order Tool.

7. I want to change the credit card number for my order. Can I use Change Order Tool?

No. Change Order Tool does not accept changes to the credit card information.

8. When I query my order, can I change the discount?

Yes, you may update the discount for a particular line in the Main Order Form as long as the line is still eligible for changes.

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