Cisco vPath Ecosystem, Release 2.5

Prerequisites for Installing and Configuring Cisco Prime NSC

Prerequisites for Installing and Configuring Cisco Prime NSC

Before you install and configure Cisco Prime NSC:

See the prerequisites at the following location:

Cisco Prime NSC Installation Requirements

Complete the fields in the following table:

Table 1Information Required for Installation and Configuration 

Required Information
Your Information
For deploying the Cisco Prime NSC OVA



Location of files


Data store location


Storage location, if more than one location is available


Management port profile name for VM management

Note The management port profile is the same port profile that is used for the VSM. The port profile is configured in the VSM and is used for the Cisco Prime NSC management interface.


IP address


Subnet mask


Gateway IP address


Domain name


DNS server

Note Access to a DNS server is required for Cisco Prime NSC to communicate with the Amazon Cloud Provider.


Admin password


Shared secret password for communications between Cisco Prime NSC, Cisco VSG, Cisco ASA 1000V, and VSM.

For configuring VMware vCenter in Cisco Prime NSC

vCenter name




Hostname or IP address