Do More with Less

How Standardizing Your Technology Makes You a Master of Business

Sometimes, less really is more.

Consolidating separate voice, video, and data applications and equipment into a single integrated network can improve your business' operations and finances.

Network technologies are better together; here some small and medium-sized businesses tell why. Standardizing on a single vendor for your network can help you:

1. Save time, money, and trouble

A single-vendor network foundation, made up of switches and routers, is faster and easier to install and operate than one built on multiple technologies. With different components from different vendors, you're forced to spend more time and money integrating your network and managing its complexity.

Albuquerque Studios, a motion picture and television production facility with 50 employees, cut costs by converging on a single network. Because only one network connection is required for voice and data, the company saved $150 to $250 at each user's desk. Because fewer IT staff are needed to maintain a single network, ongoing labor costs are reduced, too.

2. Improve your business's agility and customer service

With a single-vendor network, your business can:

  • Quickly implement new applications
  • Easily add users and sites
  • Respond adroitly to changing market conditions
  • Improve customer service

Coldwater Vision Center, an optometry clinic with 12 employees, was inhibited by a data network that lacked capacity to transmit high-bandwidth images, and by an aging phone system that couldn't handle voicemail and after-hours messages. So it had Critical Edge Tech, LLC, a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, replace the systems with a single, converged voice and data network that also supports wireless connectivity.

"The Cisco solution enables us to provide the very highest level of care and service to our patients, and positions us for growth and whatever the future may hold," says Dr. Kristopher May, the center's managing partner. "It gives our patients a stronger feeling of confidence, because their message gets to the right person. [Our new] network is faster, it doesn't crash, and we have this elegant system that enables us to put forth a very professional image."

3. Gain technology compatibility and simplify support

A single-vendor network eliminates finger-pointing between different vendors' support teams. It also reduces the time and money required to engage staff or external technicians who have all the skills needed to manage heterogeneous technologies.

When Jerry's Home Improvement Center, with 550+ employees, decided to replace its PBX with a converged Cisco IP network, "the single-vendor, single-integrator part of the solution was key," says Michael Eldridge, the company's IT director. "[We now] have a single point of contact for the entire network. The solution delivers IP telephony and all of our networking needs, and it supports and manages our popint-of-sale traffic, voice, and data. That is very powerful. I did not want to deal with incompatibilities and the problems that you can have with different vendor solutions patched together."

4. Get peace of mind

When you choose a network from an industry leader, you're investing in proven technology and:

  • Equipment that lasts longer
  • Service and support from qualified reseller partners
  • Modular components that let the network grow as the business grows
  • End-to-end security and management

For 56-employee Premier Valley Bank (PVB), the challenges of protecting sensitive customer data led to the deployment of a single-vendor network that runs the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS). "Cisco provides an end-to-end solution that extends from the network perimeter to the desktop," says R. Zaid Akhter of HEIT Consulting, the Cisco Financial Services Partner that deployed Cisco MARS. "[It's] a single, adaptable system that can communicate and take whatever measures are required at any time."

Getting Started

A Cisco Certified Partner can assess your network requirements to identify equipment and applications that will work well together for your business.

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