The Truth About Building a Business

Is your business connected to the rest of the world?

If it is, your network can help your business pick up its pace. And surpass competitors.

If it isn’t, don’t worry. Connecting a small business is easy and affordable. All that’s required is a network foundation:

The stronger the foundation—the more secure, high performing, and reliable it is—the sooner you’ll be able to use video applications, Internet-connected phones, Wireless-N, and other new business technologies.

The truth is, you may need a strong network foundation right now. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Instantly Get the Information You Need, Wherever You Are

Get more work done in less time. Your network can connect employees to the data, voice, or video services they need, at any time, from anywhere.

Employees can be in the field, at home, or traveling. They can see or update a customer record, share a presentation or spreadsheets, and view surveillance video—just as if they were in the office.

Dozens of different companies use a single network system run by a 5-employee business to access their own company’s information, from anywhere. The wired and wireless Cisco® system’s built-in security features isolate each company’s data.

2.  Save Money, Make Money

Put bandwidth to work for your profit margin: A strong network can raise revenues and reduce expenses.

A 75-employee business significantly increased annual sales simply by installing a reliable network to replace a system that periodically failed and had prevented customers from placing orders.
A 32-employee business upgraded its network with faster and more reliable switches and wireless access points that allow the company to use bandwidth-intensive applications. Its salespeople now use Cisco WebEx™ online collaboration to demonstrate products to clients, saving expenses.

The network enables employees to meet over the web with anyone, anywhere—and to work as though they’re in the room together. 

3. Improve Customer Service

Transform your brand identity. The network can make a business high-energy, high-velocity, and highly responsive to customers’ needs.
A 17-employee business “reinvented” itself with new network technologies that customers liked so much that profits rose nearly 20 percent. The technologies: virtual private network (VPN) security that lets customers access what they need, no matter where they are, and WebEx training that makes customer learning sessions more frequent, efficient, and interactive.

4. Enjoy Peace of Mind

Extinguish worries. A strong network makes business operations smoother and safer.

Security features are essential. With only one Internet connection for its popular indoor and outdoor site, a 50-employee business nonetheless provides employees, customers, and visitors with highly secure access. The wireless access points protect by using VPN, authorising guests, and allocating users a specific amount of bandwidth.

A reliable network lets you spend less time managing technology and more time doing business. When the 50-employee business replaced its old technology with a more dependable network, employees saved two hours daily that they had spent on network troubleshooting.

Network support from a partner can make your technology as easy as “set it and forget it.” Instead of having to hire or train technical staff or putting your business on hold while you await tech support, you can partner with a responsive reseller whose expertise is certified by the network vendor.

5. Protect Cash Flow

Make an investment, not a mistake. Choose a network system that is designed for small businesses, offers you vendor financing or leasing, and will be easy to upgrade.

Investing in network products from one strong vendor that has a broad product line makes it easy to add compatible products as your needs grow.

You can also cut costs by partnering with a reseller who takes the time to understand your business and provide a strategic solution. The owner of the 5-person business says, “I suppose you could put this system together on your own, but it would have been difficult, costly, and time-consuming. It was great having the partner help us orchestrate it.”

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