Small Office Phone System: Getting Started

3marketeers Advertising: Creative Collaboration

See how this company uses its small office phone system to serve clients better. (3:09 min)

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3marketeers Advertising: Creative Collaboration

See how this company uses its small office phone system to serve clients better. (3:09 min)

Ready to get started with a small office phone system? Here's a list of things to consider:

The Status of Your Current Network
As a general rule, newer networks provide a stronger foundation for voice and conferencing. As you begin the process, consider:

  • Age - If your network is more than five years old, there's a good chance it will need to be refreshed.
  • Reseller input - Your reseller partner can run an assessment to determine network capacity and readiness.

Your Small Office Phone System
If you're moving to an Internet Protocol (IP) phone system, what do you do with your existing voice communications system? You don't necessarily need to remove your company's PBX; you can migrate to a unified network at your own pace. This will allow your company to deploy a new IP phone system as and when you're ready.

Employee Buy-In
For your company to get a return on its investment, you'll need to have a small office phone system that employees will actually use. Help your employees understand:

  • Why you're making these changes - Employees will be motivated to use a new small office phone system and tolerate any adjustments on their part if they understand the benefits it can deliver to them, and to the company.
  • What they need to do - People are more invested in changes that they participate in. Share with employees the ways in which you need them to work or share information during the transition and after its completion.

How they will benefit - Payoff from a small office phone system will be significant. Communicate these benefits repeatedly to employees so that they will welcome the change.

A small office phone system opens up new and empowering ways for your employees to share information and keep in touch. Training will provide quick and easy access to increased productivity, enhanced communications, and time savings. Training is advisable to ensure that employees take full advantage of these tools and realize the greatest payoff from your investment. Talk to your reseller partner about the best time for training and how to communicate the benefits to your team.

Your company needs to protect its infrastructure, information, and applications. Good small business security planning will help ensure that this coverage is in place to thwart current and emerging threats.

  • Do you need different levels of access for various members of your team?
  • Will you be able to control who has access to information and networks from any type of device?
  • How will the system protect company communications and restrict unwanted access to your company information?
  • Is your solution providing protection in the short and long term?



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