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Cisco IP NGN Delivers Industrys Most Comprehensive Support for IMS and non-IMS Applications for Global Service Providers
SAN JOSE, Calif - Dec 5, 2005
Cisco Highlights IP NGN Momentum at Worldwide Analyst Conference
SAN JOSE, Calif - Dec 5, 2005
Cisco CRS-1 Delivers Industry-leading IP over DWDM Integration for IP NGN
SAN JOSE, Calif - Dec 5, 2005
Cisco IP NGN Delivers Industrys Most Comprehensive Support for IMS and non-IMS Applications for Global Service Providers
SAN JOSE, Calif - Dec 5, 2005
Cisco Highlights IP NGN Momentum at Worldwide Analyst Conference
SAN JOSE, Calif - Dec 5, 2005
Cisco IP Communications Technology Brings Citizen Benefits to Award-winning City Council in Malm
STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Dec 1, 2005
ACAL Storage Networking Becomes Cisco Authorised Distributor For Cisco MDS 9000 SANTap Solutions
LONDON, UK - Nov 30, 2005
Leading Financial Institution Selects Kashya and Cisco for Deployment of Intelligent Fabric Infrastructure
SAN JOSE, Calif - Nov 30, 2005
Cisco Systems Reaches Number One Position in Worldwide Enterprise Voice Market
SAN JOSE, Calif - Nov 16, 2005
Cisco Launches City-Wide Outdoor Wireless "Mesh" Solution
FELTHAM, UK - Nov 15, 2005
Cisco Launches New Era for Wired and Wireless Networking
FELTHAM, UK - Nov 15, 2005
Cisco Eases Deployment and Management of Worlds Largest InfiniBand HPC Clusters
LONDON, UK - Nov 14, 2005
Cisco Demonstrates Next Generation Communications Capabilities for Safety, Security and Real-time Operations
NEW YORK, USA - Oct 24, 2005
Cisco Expands its Network Admission Control Framework to Strengthen IT Security Compliance
VIENNA, Austria - Oct 18, 2005
Cisco Application Velocity System (AVS) and Wide-area Application Engine (WAE) Set New Standard for Integrated and Highly Secure End-to-end Application Acceleration and Delivery
LONDON, UK - Oct 13, 2005
Cisco Medical-Grade Network Provides New Clinical Connectivity Solutions
LONDON, UK - Oct 11, 2005
UK Productivity Growth Threatened by Projected IT Networking Skills Shortage
LONDON, UK - Oct 11, 2005
Cisco Technology Provides UK’s First IP Video Call Centre for Deaf People
LONDON, UK - Sep 28, 2005
Cisco Extends Data Center Architecture to Include Compute Networking and Virtualization
SAN JOSE, USA - Sep 28, 2005
Cisco Delivers Advanced Outbreak Prevention Solutions to Help Protect Against Network Threats
SAN JOSE, USA - Sep 27, 2005
Cisco Delivers Smart, Simple and Secure Business Communications Solution to SMB and Mid-Market
SAN JOSE, USA - Sep 19, 2005
Cisco Systems introduces Quality of Service Certification for Managed Ethernet Services to Support IP Next Generation Networks Voice and Video Services
LONDON, UK - Sep 14, 2005
Cisco Delivers an Intelligent Networking Foundation for RFID Solutions to Help Enterprises Optimize Business Application Performance
ATLANTA, USA (EPCglobal US Conference 2005) - Sep 13, 2005
BT Enters Rail Freight Communications Market
LONDON, UK - Aug 25, 2005
Ogilvy Builds Converged European Communications Infrastructure with Cisco Systems Technology
LONDON, UK - Aug 24, 2005
NHS Scotland builds Nationwide Healthcare Network with Cisco and BT
EDINBURGH, Scotland - Aug 15, 2005
Motorola to develop Dual-Mode Cellular/ Wi-Fi Enterprise Seamless Mobility Solution with Cisco
July 26, 2005
Survey Confirms Online Voting Set To Turn 66% Of Non-Voters Into Voters
London, UK - July 20, 2005 Sixty-six percent of British citizens that did not vote in the 2005 election would have been more likely to have voted if online voting was available, according to research released by Cisco Systems today. The research confirms the potential impact e-voting will have on citizen involvement in the British democratic process if and when it is introduced.
Airbus selects France Telecom Group, with subsidiary Equant, and Cisco Systems to implement an IP-based communication system
PARIS, France - July 12, 2005 France Telecom Group, with its fully-owned subsidiary Equant, and Cisco Systems Inc. announced today that they have been selected by Airbus for a five-year contract to implement an IP (Internet Protocol) telephony solution. According to the terms of the contract, France Telecom Group will provide a full IP solution in Airbus sites, starting in France and the United Kingdom. Cisco Systems, a long-term local area network provider for Airbus, will provide the IP-based telephony system.
Video Networks Extends Reach of HomeChoice 'Triple Play' Services to 10 Million UK Homes with Cisco and Telindus
London, UK - July 12, 2005 Video Networks Ltd (VNL), one of the most innovative providers of consumer broadband services in the UK, is deploying a Cisco Systems Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) solution to accelerate the national roll-out of its HomeChoice video, voice and Internet, or Triple Play service over digital subscriber line (DSL) broadband. The VNL network expansion, which supports local loop unbundling to over 400 exchanges, is being implemented by Telindus, a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, to extend the reach of HomeChoice services from 2.4 million homes in London to 10 million homes nationwide by 2010.
Cisco Announces Network Admission Control Security Solution for the Mid-Market
SAN JOSE, CA - July 11, 2005 Cisco Systems®, Inc., today announced the availability of Cisco Clean Access Commercial, a comprehensive security policy enforcement and remediation solution specifically designed for businesses with 250-750 users.
£10 Million Digital Network Boost for Scottish Schools
EDINBURGH, Scotland - June 29, 2005 The Scottish Executive is investing 10 million in a country-wide digital network to boost delivery of the school curriculum. Pupils in almost 3,000 schools will benefit from this groundbreaking initiative, aimed to put Scotlands schools at the forefront of modern education in Europe.
Cisco Unveils Application-Oriented Networking
LAS VEGAS, USA(Networkers 2005) June 21, 2005 Cisco Systems, Inc. ® announced today Cisco Application-Oriented Networking (AON), new technology that adds intelligence to the network, enabling the network to better understand business-application communications to support more effective and efficient business decisions.
Telewest Accelerates Next Generation Network Evolution with Cisco IP Technology
LONDON, UK - June 15, 2005 Cisco Systems announced today that Telewest, the UK cable broadband communications and media group, is accelerating its national core and edge network upgrade to converge four networks, for voice, video, Broadband and business data, onto a single platform using Ciscos Internet Protocol Next Generation Network (IP NGN) solution.
Cisco Systems announces three new Geographic Theatres
SAN JOSE, USA - June 6, 2005 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced several organizational changes that align the companys focus on long-term growth, capturing emerging market opportunities, and better serving its customers. These changes include the creation of a new geographic structure to include an Emerging Markets theatre, a European Markets theatre and a United States and Canada theatre. As a part of this change, four Cisco senior vice presidents within the worldwide field sales organization will take on new roles to lead the new theatres and functions.
Cisco and BT make IP-based communications available to smaller businesses
LONDON, UK - June 1, 2005 Cisco Systems and BT today announced major enhancements to their joint portfolio of IP telephony services, designed to bring converged IP communications to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
British Airways Selects Cisco and Prime for Airline Industry's Largest IP Telephone Network
LONDON, UK - May 11, 2005 - Cisco Systems and Prime Business Solutions Prime) today announced a major network convergence project for British Airways, one of the worlds largest international airlines, to improve communications for 14,000 office and airport staff. This project marks the sale of Ciscos five millionth Internet Protocol (IP) telephone. The telephone system is being developed and implemented by Cisco Gold Certified Partner, Prime, and will be the largest of its kind in the airline industry worldwide.
Cisco Enables New Wireless Business Applications and Enhanced Security through Real-Time Device Tracking
LAS VEGAS, USA - May 4, 2005 - Cisco Systems today announced the Cisco 2700 Series Wireless Location Appliance, the industry's first easy to deploy solution for simultaneously tracking thousands of IEEE 802.11 enabled wireless clients from directly within a customer's existing wireless local area network (LAN) infrastructure. The Cisco 2700 Series Wireless Location Appliance brings the power of a cost-effective, high resolution location solution that optimizes the performance of the wireless LAN for support of voice, data and now location, while rapidly locating security threats. By providing the ability to integrate tightly with a spectrum of technology and application partners, this innovative appliance facilitates the development of new and important business applications that improve asset utilization and streamline business processes.
Cisco Unveils New Multi-Function Appliance Family for Adaptive Threat Defense
LAS VEGAS, USA - May 3, 2005 - Cisco Systems®, Inc., today announced the availability of the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 5500 Series, an innovative family of multi-function security appliances that help stop attacks before they spread through the network.
Cisco Systems Expands its Integrated Services Router Portfolio with New Models and Services
LAS VEGAS, USA (NETWORLD + INTEROP 2005) - May 2, 2005 - Cisco Systems today announced new wireless-enabled integrated services routers, delivering highly secure concurrent services for broadband access to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), enterprise small offices and teleworkers. Cisco will also offer new services including wireless local area network (LAN), advanced security and management for the entire Cisco integrated services router portfolio. These additions provide customers increased flexibility and mobility while making it easier to deploy, secure and manage their network.
BT Places Cisco Systems on 21st Century Network Preferred Suppliers List
LONDON, UK - April 28, 2005 - Cisco Systems announced further information regarding its strategic involvement in BTs 21st Century Network (21CN) transformation project following BTs announcement today that it has selected Cisco Systems as a preferred supplier. BT has announced it expects to conclude contractual agreements with named preferred suppliers over the summer.
Global Carriers Deliver "Triple Play" Services via IP Next- Generation Networks with Cisco 7600 Series Routers
SAN JOSE, USA - April 18, 2005 - Cisco Systems today announced strategic product additions and enhancements to its Cisco 7600 Series routing portfolio, underscoring its leadership in helping service providers build out flexible Internet Protocol (IP) Next-Generation Networks (NGNs) that delivers scalable, profitable and differentiated video, voice, and data, or "triple play" services to their customers.
Cisco Introduces the Cisco XR 12000 Series Routers for IP Next-Generation Networks
SAN JOSE, USA - April 18, 2005 - Cisco Systems today introduced the Cisco XR 12000 Series routers, which represents the combination of the Cisco Internetworking Operating System (IOS) XR software with the proven market-leading capabilities of the Cisco 12000 Series routers. This extends the Cisco Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) strategy that fosters network convergence and extends investment protection for service providers.
Cisco Accelerates Advancements on IP Next-Generation Networks for Service Providers
SAN JOSE, USA - April 18, 2005 - Cisco Systems today announced new products, features, and customer wins that demonstrate its continued momentum in delivering innovative Internet Protocol Next-Generation Networks (IP NGN) to service providers worldwide, increasing their ability to deliver innovative new services, improving their operational and capital expenditure efficiencies, and advancing the value-added network and service control carriers need for long-term business success.
Cisco Enhances SAN Consolidation and Blade Server Connectivity across Heterogeneous Fabrics
PHOENIX, USA (Storage Networking World, Spring 2005) - April 13, 2005 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced a set of features that enhance customers' ability to consolidate and share resources across heterogeneous Storage Area Network (SAN) fabrics. Network address translation capabilities for its Inter-Virtual SAN routing (IVR) feature give storage area networking (SAN) administrators the ability to consolidate legacy SANs and share resources across heterogeneous SANs. Native interoperability with QLogic blade server switches allows users to deploy heterogeneous networks of Cisco and QLogic switches without the need to place either company's products in interop mode. This capability adds to existing support for third party switches via a variety of interop modes. With these features, Cisco delivers customer investment protection for existing SAN environments while allowing them to make a smooth transition to Cisco intelligent SAN fabrics to reduce their total cost of ownership.
Cisco Announces New Support Service Offering for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA (CISCO PARTNER SUMMIT 2005) - April 4, 2005 - Cisco Systems today announced the availability of the Cisco SMB Support Assistant service that combines basic setup, diagnostic and troubleshooting assistance to deliver cost-effective support for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Cisco SMB Support Assistant is Ciscos first technical support service available to channel partners developed by Cisco specifically for the small and medium-sized business market.
VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA (CISCO PARTNER SUMMIT 2005) - April 4, 2005 - As part of its continuing commitment to improve channel partner profitability and increase customer satisfaction, Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced a new program that rewards its channel partners for integrating packaged applications and partner services with Cisco technology to create innovative solutions for specific industries or business functions.
Analyst Study Shows Success of RFID is Dependent on Network Capability
Hannover, Germany, March 11, 2005 – Cisco Systems® today unveiled a study by IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and advice, that predicts the widespread deployment of radio frequency identification (RFID) is expected to have a major impact on enterprise networks.
Cisco Extends its Leadership in Network-Based Storage Virtualization through Intelligent Fabric Applications
Hannover, Germany (CeBIT 2005) – March 10, 2005 – Cisco Systems, Inc.® today unveiled significant updates to its network-based storage virtualization solutions that will help Cisco and a wide variety of independent software vendors (ISVs) jointly address key customer pain points related to storage provisioning, data migration/replication, backup/recovery, disk capacity utilization, and storage management costs.
Cisco Systems Demonstrates its Vision of the Intelligent Information Network at CeBIT 2005
CeBIT, Hanover, Germany, 7 March 2005 – Booth C58, Hall 13: – Cisco Systems® will showcase the continuing development of the Intelligent Information Network (IIN) vision at CeBIT 2005, between 10 – 16 March 2005. This technology vision consists of three phases, evolving network infrastructure from the intelligent movement of data, voice and video across a system of networks, through to the virtualisation of networking resources in the second phase and thirdly to application-aware networks and services.
Launch of online interactive Churchill speech highlights power of internet learning
London, UK – March 5, 2005 – On the anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill's renowned 'Iron Curtain' speech of 5th March 1946, Cisco Systems, Inc. and MWR, leading innovators in technology-enhanced learning, today launched, to make the speech more widely accessible using the latest internet technology, with unparalleled interactivity, analytical tools and supporting commentary.
Research Demonstrates How Internet Technology May Help Banks Make Queuing Rewarding For Customers
London, March 1, 2005 – Cisco Systems® announced today that moves to introduce Internet Protocol (IP) networks into bank branches could soon be helping to cut queues and even make them more rewarding, according to research from Datamonitor.
Cisco Systems introduces Quality of Service Certification for Managed Network Services to support Voice and Video over Internet Protocol
London, UK, February 16, 2005 – Cisco Systems® today announced a new Cisco Powered Network designation to help businesses that are converging voice and data networks to evaluate providers of managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. The new Cisco® Powered Network designation, IP VPN-Multiservice QoS Certified, verifies that the managed IP VPN service operator has committed to meeting Cisco-defined best-practice criteria for delivery of real-time voice and video services.
Cisco Systems to Provide Next Generation Financial Advisor Communications Solution to Merrill Lynch
San Jose, California, February 9, 2005 – Cisco Systems® today announced an agreement with Merrill Lynch to deploy a Cisco Internet Protocol (IP) Communications system to support 14,000 financial advisors in approximately 600 Merrill Lynch offices nationwide.
The National Housing Federation turns to Cisco Systems for support on it initiative
London, UK, February 8, 2005 – Cisco Systems® the worldwide leader in networking for the internet, today announced its support for a National Housing Federation initiative to optimise all aspects of Information Technology.
Swisscom Relies on Cisco Systems to Bring IP Telephony to the World Economic Forum for the First Time
Davos, Switzerland, January 25, 2005 – Cisco Systems® announced today that its IP telephony, Long-Reach Ethernet (LRE) and wireless Internet technologies had been selected by Swisscom, Switzerland's leading telecoms company, to provide the communications infrastructure for this year's five-day World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos.
Cisco and EMC to Offer End-to-End File Storage Consolidation Solution
San Jose, California and Hopkinton, January 10, 2005 – Cisco Systems®, Inc. and EMC Corporation today announced that they intend to provide customers with an end-to-end storage consolidation solution for remote-office data. By combining Cisco wide area file services (WAFS) technology and EMC® networked attached storage (NAS), customers will have an integrated solution to consolidate branch office data into the data center, allowing company-wide data to be centrally stored, managed, protected and accessed.
Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena (MPS) chooses the Cisco Business Ready Data Centre solution
Milan, January 10, 2005 – Cisco Systems® today announced that banking group Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS), the oldest banking institute worldwide, will use Cisco's Business Ready Data Centre framework to create a network architecture, which will help reduce operational costs, improve flexibility and enhance business agility.

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