20-Jun-2013 - News

Bt2 bn set aside for it master plan

SET expects to add 120,000 online traders in 5 years

The Nation

With the aim of becoming a regional financial hub in three years, the Stock Exchange of Thailand has set a budget of Bt2 billion for its five-year IT Master Plan and expects to add 120,000 online trading investors.

President Charamporn Jotikasthirat said yesterday that under the IT Master Plan, which kicked off in 2011, the SET has set up IT infrastructure to support multiple markets and currencies. It will also connect with ASEAN Trading Link, which can improve the trading system.

The Thai, Malaysian and Singaporean bourses have already entered into cross-border trading in the region. Investors now have a single entry point to three of the largest equity markets of Asean.

"We are a source of funding for business and aim to be a domestic and international capital market as well as regional financial hub. We have two customers, businesses and individuals, who want to participate in investing in the capital market," he said.

The global capital market is highly competitive, so the SET utilises new technology to support trading in the capital market. It is also developing information technology infrastructure to improve the efficiency of its services and management to support businesses and investors.

The SET started providing online trading under SET CONNECT last September. The system enables the SET to handle online trading in much larger volumes. Investors can also get a faster response for trading in the capital market. There are now some 170,000 active online trading investors and about 120,000 online trading investors are expected to be added by year-end.

SET CONNECT can support 14 million online orders per day. Online trading now runs about one million orders per day.

Online trading in the first quarter of this year has grown about 80 per cent to Bt8.9 billion from Bt4.9 billion at the end of last year. Online derivatives trading has also surged from 78,000 contacts at the end of last year to 200,000 in the first quarter of this year.

The SET also expects to increase trading volume upcountry by about 20 per cent in several years.

The SET utilises the unified computing system to improve its productivity, increase flexibility and quickly respond to the rapid changes in the business environment. It also helps reduce the investment in connectivity technology that links servers with networking and storage resources.

Thirapun Sanpakit, head IT operations, said the SET next year would launch SET Community Cloud, which will offer public cloud services to support brokerages.

It will provide infrastructure as a service, including operating system, virtualisation, servers, storage and networking to brokerages, which can utilise their new applications, data, runtime and middleware to bundle with the services.

"Thailand has the potential to be the leading regional financial hub since we are No 1 in daily transactions in the region with as many as 33 large-cap stocks that are highly liquid and with a combined market capitalisation of more than US$1 billion and daily trading volume of at least $10 million - characteristics that have made the SET strong and attractive to international investors as well as it has a market capitalisation of $470 billion," he added.


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