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Точки доступа Cisco Aironet серии 3500

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Точки доступа Cisco Aironet серии 3500view expanded image

Intelligent, Proactive Interference Protection

Cisco Aironet 3500 Series Access Points with CleanAir technology are the first 802.11n access points to create a self-healing, self-optimizing wireless network. By intelligently avoiding radio frequency interference (RFI), they provide the highest-performance connectivity for mission-critical mobility and reliable application delivery.

Video Data Sheet

The Cisco Aironet 3500 Series with CleanAir technology: Avoid Interference and Optimize 802.11n Coverage. (4:20 min)

Cisco CleanAir Overview

See how CleanAir automatically detects, classifies, and mitigates RF interference. (2:02 min)

CleanAir Technology

Simplify wireless operations with:

  • Automatic radio frequency interference (RFI) mitigation for better reliability and performance
  • Remote troubleshooting for fast problem resolution and less downtime
  • Robust security with non-Wi-Fi detection for off-channel rogues
  • Policy enforcement with customizable alerts to prohibit devices that interfere with the network

Features and Capabilities

  • ClientLink improves reliability and coverage for legacy clients
  • VideoStream uses multicast to improve multimedia applications

Specifications at a Glance

  • Standard 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • 3500i model with internal antennas for typical office deployments
  • 3500e model with external antenna connectors and extended operating temperature for challenging environments
  • 3500p model for targeted coverage and 3G/4G offload in high-density stadium and arena deployments
  • Easy retrofits to existing 1130 and 1240 Series mounting brackets to simplify 802.11n migration
  • Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty, including 10-day advance hardware replacement

High-Density Wireless LAN Design Guide (PDF - 1.7 MB)

"Only one thing has remained constant in wireless networking, the persistent need for more", Jim Florwick, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

Product Support Services

Cisco's Services can help you increase operational efficiency, lower support costs, and improve availability risk management.

Связаться с Cisco

  • 8 800 700 05 22 (Россия)
  • +7 495 961 13 82 (Москва)