Nine Lies about Work

Nine Lies About Work and How Cisco Lives the Truth

There are some strongly ingrained lies in the world of work that seem like “well-known truths.” Push on them a little, however, and you quickly discover that they hold us back from performing at our best. Push further, and you discover that these lies mask some essential truths, based on the real world, that lift performance and increase fulfillment.

Cisco has made the choice to live out the truths. Read on to discover the nine lies, the truths behind each one, and how Cisco is applying these truths to make work more human for all of us.

The lies and truths outlined here are from Nine Lies About Work by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall

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LIE 1:

People care which company they work for.

TRUTH 1: People care which team they are on.

LIE 2:

The best plan wins.

TRUTH 2: The best intelligence wins.

LIE 3:

The best companies cascade goals.

TRUTH 3: The best companies cascade meaning.

LIE 4:

The best people are well-rounded.

TRUTH 4: The best people are spiky.

LIE 5:

People need feedback.

TRUTH 5: People need attention.

LIE 6:

People can reliably rate other people.

TRUTH 6: People can only reliably rate their own experience.

LIE 7:

People have potential.

TRUTH 7: People have momentum.

LIE 8:

Work-life balance matters most.

TRUTH 8: Love-in-work matters most.

LIE 9:

Leadership is a thing.

TRUTH 9: We follow spikes.