Kristi Faye-Lund

Tell us what you do in Cisco?

I'm a software engineer working with Advanced Scenario Testing. Here at AST we have a comprehensive networking lab with the TelePresence endpoints set up so that we can test functionality and features across networks and between different devices. The development teams do some testing on their own, but it's sometimes hard for them to "see the whole picture" as we can here. More specifically I write Python scripts to automate tests so that large scale deployment can be done easily. Some hands-on lab operation and troubleshooting is also necessary from time to time.

What are the most interesting aspects of your job?

How small the gap between what I develop here and deployment is. The tests I write one day can be up and running the next day! It's also kind of a challenge to try to "break" the devices and software. Have the others missed something? It's important that we find out that here, instead of the customer out there.

What do you like best about working here?

The social environment. As a recent graduate it's a big change to start actually working as an engineer, but the people here at AST and Cisco in general have made the transition very easy.

What surprised you most about Cisco when you first started?

How, even though we're part of a big global enterprise, the department here at Lysaker is such a close knit community.

What's your favourite benefit at Cisco?

Must be my new computer. And all the fruit everywhere! And the Friday coke