November 11, 2016    FY17Q1
Go! Demand - JPM & Disti DG    By Nicole Ma
Go! Demand is aiming to provide marketing consultant services to targeted partners and Disties on integrated marketing planning and execution, focused on generating and maximizing revenue opportunities.
In FY17Q1 from JPM with 52 GC partner's effort, we executed 130 plays and help 40 partners generated total 207# SQL with USD 11.29M. Joint with Ingrammicro and Xiaotong in FY17Q1 Disties DG, generated
total 269# SQL with USD6.98M and with USD 584K SQL from digital tactics. Know more
SES: Solution Experience Season Pilot    By Helena Luo
Solution Experience Season Program is a pilot for SSI Partner in 2017 which focus on cisco and Partner's co-solution promotion. In Q1, we integrated the new generation security solution between Sino-bridge and Cisco, focus on security solution in FSI/Insurance/Securities Investment industries, and promoting the solution with Sino-bridge and Richcloud through 3 events. till now, it has generated pipeline 2.8M, more leads are in the processing.
Go! Demand-Strategic Partner DG    By Helena Luo
FY17Q1, PMM continue work with SSI partners to expand the business opportunities on potential customers and accelerate booking. Cooperated with Unihub and ADT by leveraging their install base data and focusing on products and services, finally, generated SQL 2.3M.
Joint Marketing Fund (JMF & Coop-JMF)     By Siyao Guo
FY17Q1 China total 8 COOP-JMF events, 1 COOP-JMF event had been canceled. With the efforts of partners\PAM\VPMM and PMM, we have finished 6 events, the rest one will be held within Nov. Total generated 27/$1.92 MQL, 16/$919K SQL. These hosted events were focused on different architectures:3 for collaboration, 2 for cross architecture, 1 for DC; focused on different industry: 2 for cross industry, 2 for Education, 2 for Healthcare.
YES (Year End Sprint) Campaign    By Chen Nan & Siyao Guo
YES Campaign, promotion activity targeted at GC commercial partners, has been held to 7th times. YES 7 campaign in Q1 focused on Manufacturing & Security, to drive commercial partners to insight into digital transformation, and develop new business opportunities with Cisco together. There are also 13 partners participate in the campaign, worked closely with VPMMs, promoted their specific promotional solutions to
6,582 key business customers. Know more
Remote City Coverage    By Chen Nan
Targeted at Remote City Coverage(RCC) region, worked closely with Channel/Distis and Commercial team, and aligned with the latest company strategy, Marketing planned three key programs facing customers, Disti and Final Tiers, to help partners to develop the RCC regions together with Cisco, and Win-Win. In Q1,through 2 roadshows in RCC cities, 4 C-funding customer events,and 2 Disti DG programs, totally generated 3674K SQL.
P+ Connect+ Program    By Chen Nan
The P+ project is an important partnership project for commercial market. In FY17, Partner Marketing continued to leverage digital communication platform,through eDM, webinar, WeChat group activity and other digital ways, to cover 100% Elite & Prestige partners, and 50%+Aspire partners. Through these communication and enablement activities, we helped P+ partners to better understand P+ plan, improve sell and technical ability, and achieve earnings growth.
Partner Briefing Center Marketing    By Helena Luo
FY17Q1, Shenzhen Huayun Technology Co. company officially launched it's new Partner Briefing Center. Integrated Cisco collaboration solutions, cloud resources and it's own software , Shenzhen Huayun Technology Co. company held PBC opening activities, total generated 260K SQL.
Partner Solution & Win Case- 1    By Siyao Guo
FY17Q1 Partner Solution portal go live 4 solutions with 4 unique partners, 3 of them are ISV solutions. The total page view is 3,683, visits 1,946, unique visitors 1,689.
文思海辉全渠道客服平台    尚阳会议管理系统    飞利浦照明联合解决方案    宁盾企业无线安全准入解决方案
Gulou Hospital Story Release    By Helena Luo
THE LONGEST DISTANCE, THE CLOSEST LOVE, the cooperation between Cisco and Partner-Ronghai made this story come to true. It is the first partner-led story in Greater China for the global brand campaign.
Success story    Know more
Engage is a suite of digital marketing services. Providing not only educates, connecting you to the digital training, platform for practices, campaign assets download, but also the digital expert services.
Engage: Partner Marketing Central (PMC) Update    By Teresa Li & Siyao Guo
FY17Q1 PMC total has 124 active partners, 10 of them has library downloads 53, 61 of them customized eDMs, which covered 5478 customers. Total partner active hot leads are 405. (Data Source Q1M1/M2). 2 cisco internal V/PMM expert trainings were held in Q1. Another 6 sessions are under plan. Web plug-ins template creation and free telequalification services will continue serve GC partners in Q2. Partner Marketing planning tool is under MRM discussion. Social media function, WeChat, will launch in Dec.
Know more
Engage: Marketing Velocity – Partner Digital Enablement    By Ying Ma
Training Session 1:
Impact and new trend of social media in China
Area: Social Media
Date: Jun 30th 2:00-3:00 pm
Zhou Bing Yang,Kantar Media CIC研究咨询师
  Training Session 2:
Global trend and business applications of Mobile Marketing
Area: Mobile Marketing
Date: Aug 18th 10-11:30 am
Feng Fan,InMobi大中华区品牌销售副总裁
  Training Session 3:
Brand Advertising on Mobile apps helps Biz Companies seize new market
Area: Mobile Marketing
Date: Sep 20th 2:30-3:30 pm
Feng Fan,InMobi大中华区品牌销售副总裁
    Recording   Recording Know more
Social Media Update    By Siyao Guo
Cut off to FY17Q1, WeChat has 6,552 followers with QoQ 159% increase, open 24,208 (QoQ 110%), Engagement 1,270 (QoQ 4%). The best practice WeChat promotion is Partner Authentication activity, total 4,032 participants, 571 of them are existing partners. Total net increase 3,822 WeChat followers.
Partner Central: Security, Software, Service Update    By Siyao Guo
FY17Q1 partner central has 75,316 page views, 49,552 visits, and 44,594 unique visitors. The partner security landing page go live on Sept. Up to date, the page has 569 page view, 477 visits, and 451 unique visitors. The partner software and service landing page now are under content collection and communication, and plan to go live on Q2.
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