Touchscreen Freedom

Not everything has a touchscreen – maybe it should. See the new collaboration tools from Cisco and see how touch makes things easier.

Get Back to Increasing Office Productivity

Creating a mobile collaboration culture has led to 20 percent improvement in productivity and cost reductions. How do you do the same for your organization? Download this Connected World Technology report to learn more.


5 Steps to Succeed with Video Collaboration

A smart video solution lets you communicate face- to- face from anywhere. Record key discussions, share screens to collaborate, and create virtual town halls or training sessions. The end result is impactful communication and innovation. See five steps to succeeding with video and get more out of every conversation.


New Video Tools Equal Collaborative Workplace

Learn about employee expectations and why creating a collaborative workspace with video tools is critical to your success. Find out what's important when designing collaborative workspaces: greater user experiences, flexibility and personalization, and integration and manageability.


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