Steve Lewis

Chairman and Co-Founder, Living PlanIt SA

With Microsoft Corporation until May of 2004, Steve served as General Manager of Market Development and Co-Chair of the Microsoft Business Development Forum.

Principally responsible for understanding key market trends and developments, and identifying their strategic implications for Microsoft and the industry, he led the company’s strategic business development opportunities & commercial engagements, leveraging Microsoft’s portfolio of technology, research & development, services, marketing, distribution, partner ecosystem and investment capital.

Before joining Microsoft, Steve worked with the finance and investment industry in areas including due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, including roles as CEO and participation in boards of numerous companies under management.

Prior to this he served as General Manager of the Lotus Messaging and Collaboration division of IBM Corporation, having previously held key executive positions including business development, product strategy, engineering and sales.

Currently Steve sits on several boards of commercial corporations, philanthropic foundations and government bodies.