Innovation is a collaborative effort, requiring diverse skillsets and multiple points of view. At the Global Center of Excellence(GCoE), we are driving co-innovation with customers, partners, startups, developers, government and academia with a customer-in innovation mentality and a structured process of rapid prototyping.

About Songdo Global Center of Excellence, a Cisco Innovation Center

The GCoE is laying the foundation for co-innovation with the primary functions as below.

- Solution Incubation program, enabling partners which enter the program to enhance their solution’s go-to market readiness with local technical support available

- Creating a vibrant partner ecosystem in collaboration with accelerators

- Fueling innovation through annual innovation challenge and university collaboration program

- Showcasing the latest development of solutions co-created with partners

Experience Innovation

We invite you to experience our Digital solutions, which were incubated and developed in a GCoE with our partners to bring you the latest results from our Solution Incubation Program.

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Grow with GCoE

As a Cisco partner, you can grow with GCoE in three ways:


Solution partners

  • N3N
  • Namoo Inc.
  • Smart-IS
  • Exens
  • Daliworks
  • Pulzze Systems Inc.

Academic partners

  • Seoul National University
  • KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science)
  • Incheon National University
  • Hanyang University
  • Konkuk University
  • Inha University
  • DFK(Design Factory Korea)
  • SUNY Korea (Stony Brook University)


GCoE plugs startup-led innovations into Cisco-TAG.PASS programme

The Korea Recruitment Day of the Cisco-TAG.PASS Smart Innovation Programme was successfully hosted at the Global Center of Excellence (GCoE), Cisco Innovation Center Songdo, on Mar 22 2016. The 20-weeks accelerator program aims to discover startups with innovative technology using sensors, big data, analytics and IoT to jointly develop PoC solutions for Smart Nation projects in Singapore. Cisco GCoE will serve as an innovation hub for selected start-ups to mature their solutions with technical support provided by the Solution Incubation Program, enabling them to co-innovate and scale globally.

APJ Govt VVT invites Experts to Songdo and GCoE!

The very first APJ Government Vertical VT was held in Songdo on 24-25 Feb 2016, connecting about 100 APJ government vertical sales team members from 14 countries to meet and share their best practices. Songdo was the perfect place for the extended teams to learn and discuss on the topic around government/city digitization. The GCoE played an integral part of the two-day event, inviting the delegates to the innovation center, demonstrating how we can work with customers and partners on co-innovation to solve their business challenges and to the very first living lab called IoT Cube, sharing what we would like to achieve from the user-centric innovation platform which was currently built with the digital solutions co-created with partners, startups and academia.

"Show Me The Street", Innovation Challenge 2015, for the first living lab in Cisco APJ

"Show Me The Street" was a 3-month innovation challenge open to innovators around the nation to develop innovative solutions which can be piloted in the "IoT Cube", the first living lab located in one of the busiest commercial areas in Songdo, Korea. The IoT Cube serves as a user-centric open innovation platform where the solutions co-created by the GCoE and its partners are tested and validated. This initiative aims at inspiring innovators to join our partner ecosystem and co-innovating with the GCoE to solve challenges facing businesses and cities/countries and helping their journey towards digitization.


  • 1st place: ‘Smart Missing Child Finder’ from Lineable
    If a child walks away from you, you can use the “ask for help” service in the Lineable application. Then you can locate your child with the help of other Lineable service users who are near the missing child and get reported on the situation through the Lineable mobile application.
    Once help is requested, Cisco Bluetooth scanner communicates with the wristband and detects the location of the missing child. The parent can also check the last known location of the child with a real time CCTV video feeding.
  • 2nd place: 'Smart Direction Signpost' from POSTMEDIA
    When you read the QR code attached to the signage with your smartphone and choose the destination, the rotating directional signage will move and point you to the direction you should go.
    If there is no specific request, the rotating signage indicates the directions as programmed. The multi-language service is available and environmental information and advertisement can be displayed as well.
  • 3rd place: SORAN MAP, City Data Analysis & Visualization Platform from SORAN
    The solution makes a real time urban information available to citizens by leveraging streaming data analysis and interactive visualisation technology. With data collected from the sensors integrated with Cisco Fog Computing, it provides Songdo citizens with a visualised urban data such as air pollution, noise, energy consumption, carbon emission, traffic flow and etc. The information visualised includes air pollution, noise, energy consumption, carbon emissions and traffic flow. Since it is a web-based platform, the urban information is easily accessible on the Internet and it can be displayed on various types of public displays.

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