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Branches keep growing and organizations must optimize their investments. As the number of mobile devices, high consumption applications and SaaS services grows, organizations must augment their networks capacity.

WAN bandwidth for their branches should gain in capacity, operative simplicity and lower costs. WAN must evolve.

Only Cisco's iWAN helps their clients through a reliable transition without compromising final users' performance, ability or security. Only Cisco's ISR-AX Routers offer an "intelligent WAN" enabling IT an improved access control to the applications, cloud, video and BYOD.

The intelligent WAN will provide you with:

An adequate bandwidth to manage power-intensive critical applications in the cloud, as well as flexibility to implement new services. Cisco's ISR-AX routers are unique in the market for they are SA and Citrix certified.

high quality of services through a consolidated platform for all branches, enabling operations simplification and bandwidth use optimization.

Visibility and control in all endpoints and branches, thus allowing an integral defense against threats. It also offers considerable risk reduction through link redundancy and advanced security enablement.It includes features such as: Cloud Web Security, firewall, intrusion prevention (IPS) and VPN Encryption.

overload network reduction through advanced compression and redundant data transfer. IWAN enables optimum path selection based on request and priority, thus accelerating application performance and reducing congestion.

Operating cost reduction and solution benefits considerably lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) to offer a solution which is paid up in just a couple of months.

enhanced user experience through quick implementation and enhanced performance of applications. Application Performance functionality enables to monitor and quickly solve applications performance problems by optimizing WAN traffic.

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