Wireless LAN

Greater Mobility for Your Business

Learn how a wireless LAN can offer your business greater productivity and cost-savings, with more convenient access to tools and resources.

Wireless LAN

What Is a Wireless LAN?

A wireless LAN (Local Area Network) allows you to connect your computers without wires or cables. With a wireless LAN, employees can have easy, convenient access to documents, emails, applications, and other network resources, so they can roam anywhere. A wireless LAN makes this easy by using radio waves to let mobile devices connect and communicate within a certain area.

Wireless LAN Benefits

A wireless LAN offers both short-term and long-term benefits, including:

  • Convenience: All notebook computers and many mobile phones are equipped with the WiFi technology to connect directly to a wireless LAN. Employees can use a wireless LAN to securely access your network resources from any location within your facility.
  • Mobility: Employees can stay connected to the network through a wireless LAN, even when they are not at their desks. People in meetings can access documents and applications with a wireless LAN. Salespeople can use a wireless LAN to check the network for important details from any location.
  • Productivity: A wireless LAN offers staff and others convenient access to information and your company's important applications. Visitors (such as customers, contractors, or vendors) can use a wireless LAN for secure guest access to the Internet and to their business data.
  • Ease of Setup: Since a wireless LAN does not require running physical cables through a location, installation can be quick and cost-effective. A wireless LAN also makes it easier to bring network connectivity to hard-to-reach locations, such as a warehouse or factory floor.
  • Scalability: A wireless LAN can typically expand with existing equipment, while a wired network might require additional cables and other materials.
  • Security: Controlling and managing access to your wireless LAN is important to its success. Advances in WiFi technology provide robust security protection, so your data is easily available through the wireless LAN only to the people you allow access.
  • Cost: It can cost less to operate a wireless LAN, which eliminates or reduces wiring costs during office moves, reconfigurations, or expansions.

Using a Wireless LAN in Your Company

Here are some of the ways businesses are taking advantage of wireless LANs:

  • Increased Mobility and Collaboration:  Employees who use your wireless LAN can roam around the office or to different floors without losing their connection. Similarly, Voice over Wireless LAN technology gives them roaming capabilities with their voice communications.
  • Improved Responsiveness: A wireless LAN can improve customer service by connecting employees to the information they need.
  • Better Access to Information: A wireless LAN allows a business to bring network access to areas that would be difficult to connect to a wired network.
  • Easier Network Expansion. Companies that need to add employees or reconfigure offices frequently can benefit from the flexibility that a wireless LAN provides.
  • Enhanced Guest Access: A wireless LAN allows your business to provide secure wireless access to the Internet for guests, such as customers or business partners.


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