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Cisco Collaboration is making it easy to work and collaborate with anyone, anywhere. It's now as simple as a screen-swipe to get started. Improve employee engagement and productivity today by making the virtual workplace a reality.

Transform Your Business: Forrester

In seeking ways to do more with less, organisations are increasingly turning to Unified Communications solutions. Preview this Forrester report Top Unified Communications Trends for Mid-size Businesses to learn more. Then to get your hands on the full     report, share a few details with us using the form below.


5 Essential Elements of the Digital

Workplaces are going digital. An effective digital workplace, whether it be a software development office, a retail distributor, or a manufacturing facility, boosts productivity and makes it easier for employees to get their jobs done quickly and with more accuracy. See 5 ways how.

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Exceptional Collaboration: How-To Guide

In collaborative spaces, people naturally share ideas, which leads to innovation and growth. But how do you design a workplace that provides a highly collaborative atmosphere and that incorporates what people want? Use this how-to guide to reimagine your workplace and achieve better business results.

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