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Cisco Security Certifications

Security is top-of-mind

Cyber attacks and targets worldwide are growing, both in frequency and impact. Organizations face urgent challenges as threats worsen – the statistics are jarring.

Learn how you can build your expertise and reach peak readiness for arriving opportunities.

Growing opportunity

With high stakes and rising critical needs, all signs point to a shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals in the years ahead. This demand is pushing salaries higher as competition increases for security specialists (nine percent higher overall than in other IT sectors). Cisco offers real-world, hands-on training and certification resources you need to prepare yourself and your team for success in this dynamic, challenging career.


Cybersecurity job growth increases 3.5 times faster than any other IT related job


Cyber jobs grow 12 times faster than all other jobs (irrespective of the field)


An estimated worker shortfall of 3.5M by 2021

Defenders wanted

More than ever before, organizations need engineers, technicians, and administrators to defend vital information, applications, and IoT smart devices from cyberattacks and breaches, and the damage they cause.

Learn what it takes to become a cybersecurity champion.

Security job roles

There are many new and evolving job roles in security. That’s why you need a focused training plan to be able to identify risks, protect your organization, detect security events, recover assets, and stay up-to-date. You can go many places in this dynamic field, and certification helps you access these roles, proving that you have the skills to succeed, even if NDAs prevent you from sharing specifics.


Check out the following job roles and titles, along with the overview of skills required to succeed in this field of expertise.

Network security engineers, technicians & administrators

Team role: Build and secure

Typical experience-level: 0 to 5 years

Reports to: Senior-level security engineers or security architects

Key skills:

  • Fundamental cybersecurity knowledge
  • Primary security technologies knowledge
  • Ability to implement system security
  • Ability to perform systems updates
  • Ability to fulfill cybersecurity team requests
  • Familiarity with security technologies, products, and features

Security operations team - Security analyst

Team role: Detect and respond

Typical experience-level: 3+ years

Reports to: Security architect

Key skills:

  • Basic network understanding
  • Event monitoring
  • Security event/alarm/traffic analysis
  • Incident response
  • Communication

Security architect / Security engineer

Team role: Design and secure the IT infrastructure

Typical experience-level: 7 to 10+ years

Reports to: CISO

Key skills:

  • Expert-level understanding of cybersecurity technology
  • Expert-level understanding of cybersecurity risks
  • Ability to quickly learn and evaluate new security technologies
  • Ability to understand and quantify security risks to the organization and its systems

Fuel your success with Cisco

With so many training and certification programs available, why invest your time and effort in Cisco? It’s simple: unlike other vendors, who rely solely on theoretical simulations, Cisco’s portfolio of cybersecurity training and certifications provides real-world, hands-on training, using enterprise-grade lab equipment to maximize your job readiness, insight, and understanding. Thousands of Cisco-certified security professionals protect organizations across all industries worldwide from cybersecurity threats.

Cisco security training and certifications

Wherever you are in your career, we have the right certification. For people starting in cybersecurity, Cisco’s CCNA Security and CCNA Cyber Ops each build a solid foundation for you to enter the field of cybersecurity. If you’re further along in your security career and need to bolster your current job with additional security skills, CCNP Security and CCIE Security training and certifications can successfully supplement your career strategy.

Real-life customer feedback

Learn how Cisco certifications helped these IT professionals position themselves for a successful career.


"It was exciting to learn about zero-day attacks, to research various hacks, and to learn how  to keep business at Zoo secure and running. I wanted to get ahead of vulnerabilities."

- Amanda Bramlett, systems administrator for the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere in Tennessee

"Once I got my first Cisco Certification, I got noticed. I definitely gained a competitive advantage. And since I was quickly able to support our customers more effectively on a day-to-day basis, my employer noticed, too. And more opportunities opened up for me."

- Ronald Boestfleisch, Jr. Network Engineer 2, Managed Services Operations, Ops Control

"The more I realized that technology growth was a breeding ground for lots of security vulnerabilities, the more I wanted to learn about the impacts of these vulnerabilities and how to be proactive against them."

- Adaeze Udechukwu

Certification tools and resources

All this opportunity makes right now the ideal time to explore Cisco Security training and certification with us. With Cisco certifications, you not only understand real-world security issues, but can quickly address them. Use our resources to get started on the path to certification success and further enjoy your personal and professional journey.

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