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Whether you are getting started using PrimeTM products, looking for in-depth product or systems knowledge, or just need a refresher, we offer a variety of learning opportunities.

The following training offerings are available for Cisco Prime Service Catalog (CPSC).

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Release 10 General

Cisco Prime Service Catalog Video Series

Cisco Prime Service Catalog software is a self-service portal for users to order and manage any type of IT service from the data center to the desktop. The Service Catalog software lets IT standardize and consolidate a wide array of services, and gives end users a self-service shopping experience. It also standardizes, unifies, and automates delivery processes for data center and workplace services.

This video series addresses foundational concepts that are essential to your understanding of Cisco Prime Service Catalog and presents key tasks that you can perform in the system.

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Topic 1: Ordering IT Services

This video describes how to order IT services by using the Cisco Prime Service Catalog storefront, and how to track ordered services.

System users

7 mins

Topic 2: Ordering for Others

This video describes how to order IT services on behalf of another person or group, and how to track services ordered for others.

System users

5 mins

Topic 3: Approving and Rejecting Service Requests

This video describes the different ways you can approve or reject service requests by using Cisco Prime Service Catalog.

System users with approval rights in the system

12 mins

Topic 4: Tracking Orders in Order Management

This video describes how to track, filter, sort, and copy service orders by using the Order Management module in Cisco Prime Service Catalog.

System users

17 mins

Topic 5: Customizing Storefront Styles

This video describes how to use custom style sheets to brand Cisco Prime Service Catalog for your company, and how to apply custom style sheets to a particular organizational unit.

System administrators

16 mins

Topic 6: Enhancing Service Forms

This video describes how to enhance your CPSC service forms with Web links and graphics.

System administrators

9 mins