Learning Plan Tool Cisco CCNP Security Certification

Use this tool to identify the combination of exams required to complete or migrate to a CCNP Security certification.

Step 1: Select Exams

Please select the exams you have passed.

These legacy exams will only be given credit towards a CCNP Security Certficaton through 12/31/14

Step 2: Exams Required

Only one exam from each column is required to complete certification.


{{ firstCompleteInGroup(group) }} {{ exams[ firstCompleteInGroup(group) ].type }}
{{ note.short }}{{ note.asterisk }}

Still required, select one:

{{ examId }} {{ exams[examId].type }}
{{ note.short }}{{ note.asterisk }}

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This tool has been developed for planning purposes only. Although the tool may indicate you have met the requirements, verification by a Cisco representative is required to grant a CCNP Security Certification.

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