At DreamWorks: Ensuring "Shrek" is Shared with Speed

Chris Cugno acquired his Cisco CCNA certification and today is a senior network engineer for DreamWorks Animation SKG. DreamWorks produces high-quality family entertainment through the use of computer-generated animation, and has created such award-winning movies such as "Shrek."

DreamWorks employs about 1500 people whose need for extraordinary network speed and reliability is a first priority. Animation is a computing-intensive environment, and users need to share files and work collaboratively in teams across the company's massive network.

To support this effort, DreamWorks runs its own data centers with several thousand servers. Chris' role as a senior network engineer is vital in keeping the studio's network backbone running smoothly so that movie production can continue without interruption. Chris has also created his own lab environment as a test area for new hardware he wants to use in the movie production environment.

"The ongoing 'science projects' and development work are the most fun aspects of my job," Chris said. "I really love trying new Cisco products at work."