Open NX-OS: NX-API REST (Object Models) on TechWiseTV

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Open NX-OS: NX-API REST (Object Models) on TechWiseTV

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Object-Based Programmability in the Open NX-OS

You and your IT team might have come to rely on the command line interface to control and manage your network switches. But did you know that CLI dependence could be holding you back, preventing you from true programmability in those switches and more comprehensive automation of your network?

That's just one of the thought-provoking topics our TechWiseTV experts cover in this, the second in a series of episodes taking an up-close look at the programmability options inside Cisco's Open NX-OS.

Topics include an in-depth discussion and demonstration of the NX-API REST object models that run natively inside the Cisco Nexus switches, as well as an analysis of the NX-Toolkit, plus much more.

Create a Programmable Network

Join this in-depth demonstration of the NX-API and NX-API REST (object model).