Open NX-OS: Programmability on TechWiseTV

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Open NX-OS: Programmability on TechWiseTV

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Program and Automate Your Switches with the New, More Open NX-OS

Built for continuous availability in mission-critical data center environments, Cisco NX-OS has set the standard for resiliency, extensibility, efficiency, and virtualization. Now it has added programmability and automation to that list, too.

For this episode of TechWiseTV, Robb Boyd talks to two foremost experts in this, the world's most deployed operating system in the data center. They discuss all the exciting changes Cisco has made to NX-OS and, more importantly, how organizations can take full advantage of this automation opportunity.

This is truly a deep dive into the full potential of all the components that compose Open NX-OS.

Create a Programmable Network

Join this in-depth demonstration of the NX-API and NX-API REST (Object Model).