Fundamentals of Cisco Software-Defined Networking

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Fundamentals of Cisco Software-Defined Networking

As too many organizations are learning, software-defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization have struggled to provide real answers to the complexity plaguing today's dynamic data center networks.

Now, the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) offers the first data center and cloud solution to offer full visibility and integrated management of both physical and virtual networked IT resources.

Get the facts and discover the fundamentals of this unique new architecture designed to accelerate application deployment from months to minutes in our latest on-demand episode, hosted by TechWiseTV's Robb Boyd.

See how Cisco ACI combines innovation in software, hardware, systems and ASICs with a first-of-its-kind, extensible application-aware network policy model built around open APIs. And find out why SDN and network virtualization offer only temporary solutions to the challenges your enterprise network faces.

Don't miss this opportunity to get the straight scoop on this exciting new architecture in under 60 minutes. Register and watch now.

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