Virtual Partner Summit 2017

Thank you for joining us for Partner Summit 2017! It’s time to help our customers dream bigger and execute faster. We have never been better prepared to capture this opportunity. Thank you for your continued commitment to Cisco. We will own it. Together.

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Opening General Session: The New Era is Here

Wednesday, November 1, 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. CT

Chuck Robbins - Chief Executive Officer
David Goeckeler - Executive Vice President and General Manager, Networking and Security Business
Wendy Bahr - Senior Vice President, Global Partner Organization

In this new era, we need a new network that can support hundreds of billions of devices, not to mention multiple clouds, analytics, augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and built-in security. It must be faster and smarter too. The Network. Intuitive., Cisco’s recently launched strategy for delivering intent-based networking, is just a start. Cisco is introducing intent-based capabilities across our entire portfolio offering a secure, intelligent platform for digital business.  Join Chuck, David and Wendy as they lay out Cisco's vision, networking strategy, and how Cisco is helping partners unlock this massive opportunity to capture greater profitability and growth. The next era is ours for the taking. We can OWN it, together.

  • Understand how Cisco and our partners provide the secure, intelligent platform for digital business
  • Learn about the opportunity and role partners play in multicloud world
  • How the partner selling model helps drive growth and profitability

Closing General Session: Innovation in the New Era

Thursday, November 2, 2:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. CT

Chris Dedicoat - Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Field Operations
Rowan Trollope - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Applications Group
Patrick Lencioni - Founder and President, The Table Group

The new digital era requires strong partnerships and deep alignment to address the complex issues facing customers today. In this session, Chris will share key sales strategies, growth levers, and highlight what it takes to win by building upon Cisco’s technology advantage. Rowan will spotlight how artificial intelligence/machine learning is leading the next wave of Cisco software development, making our applications smarter while fundamentally changing how organizations will conduct business. Creating new digital opportunities for you to bring to market.  Special guest, Patrick Lencioni, will close with strategies for driving successful teams.

  • Align with Cisco’s sales strategies to create new opportunities to impact your business
  • Learn about new business models to create ongoing value for you
  • How to build a culture of accountability and results on your teams

Impact sessions are designed to give deeper insight and actionable direction into various topics like our technology architectures, go to market and partner practice evolution.

New this year, our Impact Sessions will align to three tracks.

Impact Session Track Descriptions

Technology Architecture - Deep dive into our latest innovations, acquisitions, and product roadmaps

Go To Market - See the latest on how to navigate changing markets, the evolution of digital customer engagements, new routes to market, and how to use the partner ecosystem to your advantage

Partner Practice Evolution - Hear about customer success, partner program evolution and how we’re making it easier and more profitable to be a Cisco partner

Impact Session Title



IS01 - Be the Growth Hero: Expand Your Profits with New DNA Software Innovations

We live in a world defined by less. Less time. Less budget. Less everything. And yet, there is more data, more threats, and more on the line. Customers need a very different network. One that turns business intent into business results, days of work into automated and software driven tasks, stops threats in their infancy, and predicts issues before impact. Learn how to leverage Cisco’s software and hardware innovations to drive your customers’ digital journeys. Catapult sales and increase profits with Cisco’s automation and assurance technologies, simplified SD-Access and SD-WAN solutions, ground-breaking threat detection, and Cisco and Meraki integration. It’s a whole new era in networking. Your customer needs a new hero. Let that be you!

Understand innovations that enable an intent-based network to solve customer challenges

How to profit with software adoption and drive subscription revenue

Increase your margin with FY18 partner programs: discounts, rebates, and rewards

Track: Technology Architecture

IS02 - Elevate Your Value in a Multicloud World: Bringing It All Together

We live in a multicloud world, where cloud permeates everything. Where the migration of workloads to public cloud and the movement between clouds is the new cloud reality. In this session, Kip will share Cisco’s multicloud strategy, our give a deeper dive on our recent cloud innovation partnership announcement with Google Cloud. Fabio will introduce the new Cisco Multicloud Portfolio and highlight how our networking, security, analytics, and management offerings deliver multicloud value. Finally, Nirav will close with a spotlight on the latest Cisco cloud offers and incentives to drive profitability and growth.

See why customer migration to public cloud is an opportunity, not a reason to walk away

Learn how private and public cloud solutions can help you capitalize on the multicloud opportunity

Use cases and incentives to help you compete

Track: Go To Market

IS03 - Start With Why: Session with David Mead (Guest Speaker)

Any person or organization can explain what they do, some can explain how they are different or better, but very few can clearly articulate why. WHY is not about money or profit — those are results. WHY is the thing that inspires us and inspires those around us.
Examples like Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Wright Brothers prove that great leaders think, act, and communicate in the exact same way — and it’s the complete opposite of what everyone else does. The Golden Circle is a framework upon which organizations can be built, movements can be lead and people can be inspired. And it all starts with WHY.

Explore why what we do becomes more powerful when we know why we do it

Learn how the Why, gives an alternative perspective on our organizations, careers and lives

See the reason human connection through trust and authenticity is vital to an organization’s success

Track: Go To Market

IS04 - Collaboration and You: A Winning Team

Collaboration is changing fast with new technologies, new players, and new deployment models. Join us to learn how big this opportunity is and what we are doing to position you for success. You’ll see how to land and expand with Cisco Flex Plan. And, how to use our differentiators like hybrid media services and security to deliver a true enterprise-grade platform. Discover how we’re integrating smart technology into the meeting experience – in ways that might surprise you. Finally, we will show you how easy it is to transition your customers to becoming an enterprise of the future. Our collaboration playbook, award - winning portfolio, and partner programs have never been more compelling. This is sure to be your best year yet with Cisco.

Understand the value of leading with Cisco Flex Plan and the expansion opportunity

Learn how we’ve made it easier to transition to cloud and subscription selling

See how you can grow, profit, and stand out by selling Cisco’s collaboration portfolio

Track: Technology Architecture

IS05 - SECURIFICATION for the 21st Century: Changing the Equation with Cisco Security

It’s a THREATALICIOUS world. Malware is pervasive, wreaking havoc for customers. In this era of hyper-connectivity, Cisco, the builder of the Internet, has a responsibility to deliver effective security across network, endpoint and cloud so you can help customers address their real-world security concerns. Only Cisco has the best-of-breed portfolio and integrated architecture to simplify defense-in-depth. The opportunity for you is to own the security relationship. Win with security business solutions and grow your business with a portfolio of products that are better together. Join the Security session you’ve been waiting for all year and the one that will put more money in your pocket. It’s more than super, it’s going to be AWESOMER!

Learn the Cisco Security Story and how it can help you differentiate and win

Understand the Cisco architectural advantage and how we protect network, endpoints and cloud

Connect customers’ real-world concerns (e.g. ransomware) with compelling Cisco solutions

Track: Technology Architecture

IS06 - Winning the Modern Data Center in a Multicloud World

Come join Cisco Data Center leadership to get inspired and leverage the latest technologies with actionable tools and assets you need to “Own it” in the data center. We will share our Intent-Based Data Center strategy and how Cisco delivers value in a multicloud world. Learn how to drive customer impact and win against the competition capitalizing on the ability to deliver the results that customers want now, while accelerating profit and growth. Hear about the latest partner programs and resources and get what you need to successfully compete and close Data Center business.

Expand marketshare and profitable growth opportunities with the Cisco Intent-Based Data Center

Become a trusted advisor in Cloud using the Hybrid Cloud Sales Play process to deliver results

Understand why solutions from Cisco and ISV partners form the fastest path to multicloud adoption

Track: Technology Architecture

IS07 - Unlock New Profitable Growth Through a Software Led Practice

Customers want continuous access to the latest technologies and they count on us to help them maximize the value of their investment. Software and services are at the heart of our strategy to provide customers with ongoing value in support of their business objectives. You have been asking us to help evolve your practices to better align with the new Cisco monetization strategy. Learn more about the strategy Cisco is building with our partners for software-centric sales, support and lifecycle practice development. Through real world examples, understand how to scale software and services capabilities to meet the business outcomes of our customers and unlock new revenue and profit growth.

How Cisco will invest in your practices and drive services to provide growth and customer value

Learn how to leverage new monetization opportunities and ways to drive profitability with Cisco

Leverage Cisco to drive replicable process models to realize your digital transformation potential

Track: Partner Practice Evolution

IS08 - Accelerate Growth Through the Power of Partner Programs

Today’s market is changing—and so are we. Cisco partner programs are evolving to help you build new practices, expand capabilities, and drive profitability. We aren’t simply aligning to market trends, we’re creating them. We are making changes that are relevant, building on your strengths and investments, and creating opportunities for growth. In today’s world of intuitive networks and digital initiatives, Cisco programs help you focus on the right technologies to make an impact. In this session, you will hear about the breadth and power of Cisco programs and how we are streamlining to make it easier for you to do business. Explore new ways you can differentiate yourself. Make an impact with your business through Cisco partner programs!

Understand how Cisco programs are evolving to help you profit from market transitions

Learn how our programs help you showcase your capabilities to differentiate your business

Hear how Cisco programs are adjusting to the needs of global commerce and ecosystem opportunities

Track: Partner Practice Evolution

IS09 - You’re the Key: The Secret to Unlocking Budget by Selling to the Line of Business and C-Suite

You’ve told us that you like our new products, however you’ve also said most customers don’t have budget for all of these new products. For those customers, we must engage the business in new conversations to help them address their most compelling business issues in a way that creates new opportunities that drive budget back to IT for our products and your services. But this isn’t easy! We must change how we sell, who we sell to, and whom we partner with. So, how do you do this in your business? In this session, we will share new Cisco research, new Cisco industry offers, and real partner sales engagements that have a proven track record of selling to the business - resulting in unlocking larger budgets, bigger deals, and higher margins.

Gain insight from research that will drive your success when selling complex business solutions

Learn about solutions that the Cisco sales force is prioritizing and driving

Discover how to engage ecosystem partners that will help you win business with LOB and C-Suite

Track: Go To Market

IS10 - Cisco DevNet: Grow Your Business with Software and Applications

Successful Cisco partners are busy writing cool apps that connect people, places and things to the new network through APIs. Come meet DevNet and its partners to get hands on with the tools and opportunities to grow your business through learning, APIs and other innovative DevNet programs. Find out how partners can connect to customers through our field and channel sales as well as how an ISV can monetize their app on the Cisco global price list through the DevNet Solutions Plus program. And, learn how your business critical apps can benefit from the new DevNet Fast Lane Validation program. Don't forget DevNet Express, helping jump start your software journey and get the training and resources you need to succeed in the software economy.

Understand how you can use DevNet to build software into your business practice today

Learn how to become a DevNet member and tap into resources including DevNet Express

Grow your business using DevNet Solutions Plus and DevNet Fast Lane Validation programs

Track: Partner Practice Evolution

IS11 - Differentiate Yourself and Grow Recurring Revenue with Meraki and Managed Services

Customers are looking for flexible models for consuming, managing, and optimizing networking services. And partners are looking for ways to create recurring revenue streams and differentiate business. Cisco Meraki delivers on all of this through programmable APIs that enhance integration, simplicity and speed of deployment. In this session, learn about new partnerships that help you simplify management of Meraki, and other cloud-managed solutions such as Spark and Umbrella, and help to build your managed services practice to meet the changing needs of your customers. Cisco Meraki, combined with a successful managed service practice, helps you expand market opportunities, generate predictable revenues, and differentiate your business.

Understand how Meraki APIs simplify integration and allow you to differentiate yourself

Optimize and grow predictable recurring revenue streams with managed services

Learn about a new MSP industry partnership to help you evolve your practice now and in the future

Track: Go To Market

IS12 - Customer Success: Keep and Grow Customers For Life

Have you ever lost a customer because they failed to realize value from a product you sold them? Customer Success teams can help you keep and grow hard won clients.  To do this, customers have to get value out of every purchase. If they do, they’ll come back and want more in the form of upsell and cross-sell. In real world Customer Success pilots, Cisco increased renewal rates by 25-30 points. Upsell and cross-sell leads closed at a rate of 25%+. In a world where it costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than to retain one you already have, you don’t want to lose a customer again. We have teams and tools that can help you set up your own Customer Success practice. In this session we’ll show you how!

Get customers to come back time and time again. We’ll tell you how.

Help customers realize business value from what they buy.

Use Customer Success to find new opportunities while strengthening the customer relationship.

Track: Partner Practice Evolution

Americas Geo Region Session: Power of 3 - Own It!

Uniting as one team and leveraging the “Power of 3”, we will Own it! Rick and Alison will share FY18 Priorities, and discuss powerful success stories showcasing where partners are teaming with each other and the Americas partner and sales teams to deliver secure, digital solutions – and compelling business outcomes - for our customers.

Rick Snyder - Senior Vice President, Americas Partner Organization
Alison Gleeson - Senior Vice President, Americas

EMEAR Geo Region Session: The Digital Journey

FY18 offers all of us the opportunity to ‘own it’ together. As Cisco defines the new era of networking, we are all on the digital journey and our connections – both human and network – have never been more important. Join us to explore how we, in EMEAR, plan to tackle the constantly evolving requirements from the market and how we are in a unique position to ‘own it’ together. From the secure, reliable digital ready network, through to automation, cloud, services, software and analytics, we offer the foundation for every organisation to drive greater efficiency, enable tighter security and deliver more tailored experiences. Now is our time to ‘own it’ together– get ready for the journey!

Wendy Mars – Vice President, EMEAR Partner Organisation
Edwin Paalvast – President, EMEAR
Gordon Thomson - Managing Director, EN, DC and Collaboration Architectures, EMEAR

APJ Geo Region Session: Owning It Together!

In this session, you will hear from key Cisco APJ Executives, including Irving Tan, President and Vicki Batka, VP, Partner Organization, as we share our approach for FY18, with a focus on initiatives within the Theatres.  We will also share our priorities for enabling APJ partners to capture the massive market opportunities in the region including; digital transformation, key technology & needle movers in different markets and finally share our thoughts on the volume opportunity and why this is important for joint customers.

Vicki Batka - Vice President, Partner Organization, Asia Pacific and Japan
Vish Iyer - Vice President, Cisco Architectures, Asia Pacific and Japan
Irving Tan - President, Asia Pacific and Japan

Greater China Geo Region Session: Let's Dance and Own It Together

This will be Hera Siu's first appearance as the Greater China CEO in Partner Summit.  We are excited to share the focus and priorities for FY18 and show how our partnership with Partners should resemble the synergy in a dancing couple. While Cisco provides top-notched networking and security technologies and has been leading the conversation in the past, we think it is time for our partners to frame the dance moves as well. It certainly takes two to Tango and together, we will own it.

Hera Siu - Chief Executive Officer, Greater China
Tenny Lam - Director, Ecosystem and Alliance

Executive Speakers

General Session Speakers

Wendy Bahr Wendy Bahr

Senior Vice President, Global Partner Organization

Wendy Bahr is the Senior Vice President of Cisco’s Global Partner Organization. She has responsibility for managing and supporting 60,000 global partners who represent the company’s primary route to market. Encompassing system integrators, value-added resellers, distributors, services partners, independent software vendors, and technology partners, this global connected partner ecosystem accounts for approximately 80 percent of Cisco’s bookings and is a unique differentiator in helping deliver business outcomes for customers and driving growth for Cisco.

Chuck Robbins Chuck Robbins

Chief Executive Officer

Chuck Robbins is the CEO of Cisco and a member of the Board. Previously, as SVP of Worldwide Field Operations, he led Cisco’s Worldwide Sales and Partner Organizations.

Chuck is the Chair of the US-Japan Business Council and the IT Governors Steering Committee, for the World Economic Forum. He is a member of The Business Roundtable, and serves on the Board of Directors for BlackRock. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a computer science concentration from the University of North Carolina.

Chris Dedicoat Chris Dedicoat

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Field Operations

Chris Dedicoat is responsible for sales, operations, growth initiatives, and investments in strategic alliances across the globe. With over 20 years of leadership experience at Cisco, Chris has deep expertise in working closely and strategically with a range of customers. His passion for customer success is the foundation of the culture for his organization. Prior to this role, Chris was President of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia.

David Goeckeler David Goeckeler

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Networking and Security Business

David Goeckeler is the EVP/GM of Cisco’s Networking and Security Business with responsibility for more than $32 billion of the company’s global technology franchise. Goeckeler is known as a transformational leader with proven business expertise and deep technical knowledge. His team defines and builds technology to deliver Cisco’s vision -- an intent-based platform that redefines networking from the ground up to enable customers to automate their infrastructure and secure their digital business.

Rowan, Trollope Rowan Trollope

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Applications Group

Rowan Trollope joined Cisco in 2012 and has reinvented Cisco’s collaboration business and made design, simplicity, and exponential improvement the guiding principles of product development. Most recently, Trollope was brought on to the Executive Leadership Team and appointed to lead Cisco’s IoT efforts as the company focuses on helping its customers and partners create value in a highly connected, digital world.

Guest Speaker

Patrick Lencioni Patrick Lencioni

Founder and President, The Table Group

Patrick Lencioni is founder and president of The Table Group, a firm dedicated to providing organizations with ideas, products, and services that improve teamwork, clarity, and employee engagement. The author of eleven best-selling books, and named in Fortune magazine as one of the ‘ten new gurus you should know’, Lencioni’s passion for organizations and teams is reflected in his writing, speaking, and executive consulting. He is a true leader in the business world who inspires his audiences through his accessibility, humor and story-telling.

Geo Region Session Speakers

Vicki Batka Vicki Batka

Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan Partner Organization (APJ)

Vicki Batka leads Cisco’s Partner Organization in APJ, a role where she is responsible for developing and enabling the growth strategy of the partner ecosystem while building the future partnerships needed to deliver value to customers.

She leads a team which collaborates with more than 16,000 partners in APJ to drive simplicity, ensure alignment and create value exchange for our customers, while working with the WW Partner Organization to scale global channel models across the APJ region.

Tenny Lam Tenny Lam

Director, Ecosystem & Alliance Organization, Greater China

As Ecosystem & Alliance Director, Tenny’s main responsibilities are to direct and oversee Greater China's partner-led business, set short- and long-term channel sales strategies, maintain and grow a healthy ecosystem of partners, and strengthen partner relationships.

A 20-year IT veteran with an extensive network across the Greater China partner ecosystem, he had previously held senior positions in sales operations and channel management for tech giants such as SAP, Oracle, and IBM (Informix).

Wendy Mars Wendy Mars

Vice President, EMEAR Partner Organisation and Digital Acceleration Team

Wendy leads our Partner strategy and is also responsible for the acceleration of growth across Cisco’s software, services and technology portfolio in EMEAR. Prior to this, Wendy was the VP of Cisco’s Data Centre and Virtualisation, responsible for positioning Cisco to be the lead business value creator in physical and virtualised DCs. With over 20 years’ experience in IT, coupled with technical knowledge across a number of industries, Wendy is a regular speaker on transformation with technology.

Rick Snyder Rick Snyder

Senior Vice President, Americas Partner Organization

Rick Snyder is the Senior Vice President of the Americas Partner Organization (APO). APO helps 23,000+ Cisco partners across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America enter new markets, expand with new business models, and create solutions to accelerate digital transformation with our customers. Previously, Rick led Cisco’s Global and Strategic Partner Organization, working closely with Cisco’s global system integrators and technology partners.