Secure and Control IoT with Cisco IoT System Security

Secure and Control IoT with Cisco IoT System Security

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Featured Speaker:
Vikas Butaney, Senior Director, Product Management, IoT Systems and Software Group, Cisco
Tyler Shields, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Ryan Jordan, Vice President of Sales, Internet of Things (IoT), Presidio
John Reno, IoT Product and Solutions Marketing, Cisco

See how the Cisco IoT System Security product portfolio delivers secure connectivity, visibility, and control to assure that IoT initiatives deliver a competitive advantage for businesses.

Industry experts discuss how to make it simple and easy to deploy and scale secure IoT systems by designing security into the network infrastructure and using the IoT network as a sensor and enforcer. They will also be covering analyst insights from Forrester as well as deployment examples for manufacturing and utilities organizations.

The Cisco security product portfolio will be highlighted, including the new ISA 3000 ruggedized security appliance and how it provides application visibility, policy enforcement, and threat defense.