IBC 2015

Meet with Us!

At IBC 2015 we will have the solutions you want to talk about on display at Booth 1.A71

  • Date:Friday, Sept 11 – 
    Tuesday, Sept 15
  • Location:The RAI
    Amsterdam, NL
  • Duration:5 days
  • Attendance:In person
  • Fee:IBC pass
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Transformation Through Innovation

If you are looking for business agility, reduced costs and keeping your customers happy, we have the solutions that can help you.

Drop by our booth at IBC this year and we can show you our fully scalable and cloud-powered solutions that can help transform your infrastructure, your customers experience and ultimately your business.

Meet with Cisco

Cisco executives and subject matter experts will be available to meet with you at IBC at stand 1.A71 in hall 1. To schedule a private meeting, contact your Cisco representative.

We look forward to seeing you at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam.

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Talk to Experts

Cisco is investing to lead the primary transformational technologies. Partnering with our customers, we can deliver agile and fully scalable solutions powered by cloud-based technologies.

Our aim at IBC is to show the primary solutions we are offering that deliver on this promise and to illustrate where these technologies and solutions can take our pay TV operators and media agency customers over the next 1 to 3 years.

Cloud-Powered Service Provider Video Entertainment

  • E2E solution, delivering video over Satellite/Cable networks to devices within and beyond the home
  • Open and agile end-to-end software solution, delivering video over cable/IP networks to IP devices within and beyond the home
  • Cloud-based as-a-service solution for the administration, delivery, and monetization of video on unmanaged devices
  • Extend cDVR services to multiple screens with any content, any time, on any device

Virtualized Video Processing Solutions: (V2P)

In order to succeed, content providers and pay-TV operators need to dramatically transform their business operations and their infrastructure. Cisco Virtualized Video Processing (V2P) provides an open, programmable, scalable and extensible platform which allows content providers and pay-TV operators to rapidly innovate so they can support video processing applications in their headend and data centers without being tied to the operational features of the underlying infrastructure.

V2P reduces operational complexity with workflow driven automation and orchestration of video processing applications. At the same time, V2P provides a converged infrastructure, which can be repurposed to support any video processing application and flexibly scale to meet dynamic requirements.

The demonstrations will include:

  • V2P Open Platform: Accelerate video acquisition/processing/delivery innovation with V2P Platform orchestrating Cisco + 3rd party components from linear processing to content delivery
  • V2P Platform Controller delivers workflow simplification
  • Virtual DCM delivering agile and scalable best-in-class linear video workflows for multiscreen
  • Video-optimized storage with Cloud Object Store
  • Immersive video experience through 4K and HDR quality encoding

This area will also feature:

  • Virtual Managed Services (vMS): Showcase operator agility and new services with fully virtualized operator and services End-to-end service automation with cross-domain orchestration and virtualization
  • Encoding aaS: a Cloud based Encoding solution
  • Mobility IQ: a universal cloud-hosted mobility Analytics solution - Working Across Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE Networks


  • End-to-End Security for Video content and Data Center
    Showcase how Cisco's unified threat-centric security solution protects the service provider video end-to-end, from business operations to video content, from compute and storage data center all the way to distribution to multiscreen devices.
  • Security for the Connected Home
    Providing next-generation firewall capabilities targeted to the home network and running from the residential gateway. Also showing how a sophisticated device discovery can discover home-automation solutions and IOT devices to allow better protection granularity.

Video Solutions for the Home

  • Home Broadband and 4k/HEVC/Wi-Fi
    Latest in home CPE using HEVC/4K UHD, Wi-Fi, and RDK-B. Gateway architecture providing seamless in-home video and data distribution.

Additionally: A look into the future

  • Software-Defined Operator:
    Concept of fully virtual video processing from acquisition to broadcast. The concept incorporates many Cisco core elements (VSS, CABU, networking, security).
  • Snowflake 16:
    SF16 will be showcased as an end-to-end service through an end-user and service provider benefits pitch perspective. Cloud, modularity, and business logic will be demonstrated through several use cases.
  • IP Media Infrastructure:
    Cisco and EVS have teamed up to demonstrate that broadcast production with IP networks is capable of delivering high-quality video streams in a demanding network environment (sports).
    A scalable media data center approach that creates on-the-fly infrastructure resource pools for broadcast-oriented workflows with a robust ISV partner approach.
    Monitoring, management, and fault recovery of an all-IP production network.
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Speakers & Advisors

Come hear Cisco Experts Speak

Here the latest from Cisco subject matter experts at our sponsor breakout sessions. Check back shortly for session dates and times.

Friday, September 11

Speaker: Dave Ward

The Next Wave of Internet Disruption
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Room: G102/103

SDN, NFV, IP, model-driven orchestration, born in the cloud, born in the network, IPv6:

  • New architecture, a whole stack solution which we're starting to roll out (it's not something we'll have ready in 5 years). A leap frog to re-architect the Internet and the cloud for media.
  • Media and entertainment revolution: Internet, IP, cloud, and OTT have already disrupted media, but there is a second, bigger wave coming: new consumption and distribution mode (beyond shift to OTT and multi device, which are everywhere now), new formats (4K, immersive, sensor and data augmented, and so on), new production process and models: zero infrastructure, SaaS, and so on.
  • Coinnovation. Not just Cisco, but an open industry scale initiative with seats for many ecosystem partners.


Friday, September 11

Speakers: Tom Ohanian

Time: 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Room: Imagine Communications Booth 4.AMT (hall 4)
Panel Discussion: The Business Case for Transitioning to IP - Let's talk money. The industry has spoken: IP is coming. But what is it going to cost to get there? This panel will discuss the economics of the IP transition and best practices for charting an affordable course with a reasonable ROI.


Saturday, September 12

Speaker: Ken Morse

Technical Paper Presentation
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Session: Cutting-Edge Technologies, chaired by Nick Lodge
Content: Big data and IoT


Monday, September 14

Speaker: Nick Fielibert

FKTG Panel
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Location: Emerald Room at The RAI
Session: From SDI to IT Networks: Impacts on Technology, Workflow, and Team Building for TV and Media Production

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