Forrester Busts the Myths of White-Box Networking

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Around the world, massively scalable data center operators are using "off-the-shelf" switches based on merchant silicon to implement next-generation networks that power many of our favorite applications and websites. These operators are realizing substantial savings by acting as their own integrator of hardware, software, and support. Can this model deliver similar savings in the enterprise?

According to Forrester, when considering white-box networking, it is crucial to do all of the math. You must consider the cost of hardware, software, and integration. Hidden costs such as support, supply chain, design and testing, and so on must also be factored in. Forrester analyst Andre Kindness does the math in recent report titled "The Myth of White-Box Network Switches."

Join Cisco's Frank D'Agostino and Forrester analyst Andre Kindness to get Forrester's perspective on the white-box opportunity, the true cost of white-box networking and learn which options are best for your organization.

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Andre Kindness' The Myth of White-Box Network Switches.

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