show vlan access-map

To display all VLAN access maps or a VLAN access map, use the show vlan access-map command.

show vlan access-map [ map-name ]

Syntax Description

(Optional) VLAN access map to show.

Command Default

The switch shows all VLAN access maps, unless you use the map-name argument to select a specific access map.

Command Modes

EXEC mode

Command History

This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

For each VLAN access map displayed, the switch shows the access map name, the ACL specified by the match command, and the action specified by the action command.

Use the show vlan filter command to see which VLANs have a VLAN access map applied to them.


This example shows how to display a specific VLAN access map:

switch# show vlan access-map vlan1map

This example shows how to display all VLAN access maps:

switch# show vlan access-map
Vlan access-map vacl-mac
match mac: acl-mac
action: forward
statistics per-entry

Related Commands

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