ip pim bsr listen

To listen to and forward IPv4 Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) bootstrap router (BSR) and Candidate-RP messages, use the ip pim bsr listen command. To disable listening and forwarding, use the no form of this command.

ip pim bsr listen [ forward ]

no ip pim bsr [ listen [ forward ]]

Syntax Description

Specifies to listen to BSR and Candidate-RP messages.
(Optional) Specifies to forward BSR and Candidate-RP messages.

Command Default


Command Modes

Global configuration mode
VRF configuration mode

Command History

This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

A router configured as either a candidate RP or a candidate BSR will automatically listen to and forward all BSR protocol messages, unless an interface is configured with the domain border feature.

The ip pim bsr forward command is an alternative form of this command.

This command requires the LAN Base Services license.


This example shows how to listen to and forward BSR and Candidate-RP messages:

switch(config)# ip pim bsr listen forward

This example shows how to disable listening and forwarding:

switch(config)# no ip pim bsr listen forward

Related Commands

ip pim bsr forward
Enables listening to and forwarding of BSR messages.
show ip pim rp
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