show ip ospf request-list

To display a list of all link-state advertisements (LSAs) requested by a router, use the show ip ospf request-list command.

show ip ospf request-list neighbor-id { ethernet slot / port | loopback if_number | port-channel number }

Syntax Description

Router ID of the neighbor. Specify as an IP address.
ethernet slot / port
(Optional) Specifies the Ethernet interface and the slot number and port number. The slot number is from 1 to 255, and the port number is from 1 to 128.
loopback if_number
(Optional) Specifies the loopback interface. The loopback interface number is from 0 to 1023.
port-channel number
(Optional) Specifies the EtherChannel interface and EtherChannel number. The range is from 1 to 4096.

Command Default


Command Modes

Any command mode

Command History

This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

Use the show ip ospf request-list command to troubleshoot Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing operations.

This command requires the LAN Base Services license.


This example shows how to display a list of all LSAs requested by a router:

switch# show ip ospf request-list 40.40.40 ethernet 2/1

Related Commands

show running-config ospf
Displays the OSPF running configuration.