terminal terminal-type

To set the terminal type for the current session, use the terminal terminal-type command. To revert to the default, use the no form of this command.

terminal terminal-type type

terminal no terminal-type

Syntax Description

Type of terminal. The type string is case sensitive, must be a valid type (for example, ansi, vt100, or xterm), and has a maximum of 80 characters.

Command Default

For a virtual terminal, the terminal type is set during negotiation with the client software. Otherwise, vt100 is the default.

Command Modes

EXEC mode

Command History

This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

The terminal type setting applies only to the current session.


This example shows how to set the terminal type:

switch# terminal terminal-type xterm

This example shows how to revert to the default terminal type:

switch# terminal no terminal-type

Related Commands

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Displays the terminal session configuration.