show fspf

To display global Fibre Shortest Path First (FSPF) routing information, use the show fspf command.

show fspf [ database [ vsan vsan-id ] [ detail | domain domain-id detail ] | interface | vsan vsan-id interface { fc slot / port | san-port-channel port-channel }]

Syntax Description

(Optional) Displays the FSPF link state database.
vsan vsan-id
(Optional) Specifies the Virtual SAN (VSAN) ID. The range is from 1 to 4093.
(Optional) Displays detailed FSPF information.
domain domain-id
(Optional) Specifies the domain of the database. The range is from 0 to 255.
(Optional) Specifies the FSPF interface.
fc slot / port
Specifies the Fibre Channel interface to configure.
san-port-channel port-channel
Specifies the port channel interface. The range is from 1 to 256.

Command Default


Command Modes

EXEC mode

Command History

This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

If you enter the command without parameters, all the entries in the database are displayed.


This example shows how to display the FSPF interface information:

switch# show fspf vsan 1 fc2/1

This example shows how to display the FSPF database information:

switch# show fspf database vsan 1
FSPF Link State Database for VSAN 1 Domain 0xc6(198)
LSR Type = 1
Advertising domain ID = 0xc6(198)
LSR Age = 1050
LSR Incarnation number = 0x800007c5
LSR Checksum = 0x35d2
Number of links = 0
NbrDomainId IfIndex NbrIfIndex Link Type Cost

This command shows how to display the FSPF information for a specified VSAN:

switch# show fspf vsan 1
FSPF routing for VSAN 1
FSPF routing administration status is enabled
FSPF routing operational status is UP
It is an intra-domain router
Autonomous region is 0
SPF hold time is 0 msec
MinLsArrival = 1000 msec , MinLsInterval = 2000 msec
Local Domain is 0xc6(198)
Number of LSRs = 1, Total Checksum = 0x000035d2
Protocol constants :
LS_REFRESH_TIME = 30 minutes (1800 sec)
MAX_AGE = 60 minutes (3600 sec)
Statistics counters :
Number of LSR that reached MaxAge = 0
Number of SPF computations = 0
Number of Checksum Errors = 0
Number of Transmitted packets : LSU 0 LSA 0 Hello 0 Retranmsitted LSU 0
Number of received packets : LSU 0 LSA 0 Hello 0 Error packets 0

This command shows how to display the FSPF information for all interfaces:

switch# show fspf interface
FSPF interface vfc5 in VSAN 1
FSPF routing administrative state is active
Interface cost is 2100
Timer intervals configured, Hello 20 s, Dead 80 s, Retransmit 5 s
FSPF State is DOWN

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