set tag

To set a tag value of the destination routing protocol, use the set tag command. To delete the entry, use the no form of this command.

set tag tag-value

no set tag tag-value

Syntax Description

Name for the tag. The value is an integer from 0 to 4294967295.

Command Default

If not specified, the default action is to forward the tag in the source routing protocol onto the new destination protocol.

Command Modes

Route-map configuration mode

Command History

This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

Use the route-map global configuration command and the match and set route-map configuration commands to define the conditions for redistributing routes from one routing protocol into another. Each route-map command has a list of match and set commands associated with it. The match commands specify the match criteria—the conditions under which redistribution is allowed for the current route-map command. The set commands specify the set actions—the particular redistribution actions to perform if the criteria enforced by the match commands are met. The no route-map command deletes the route map.

The set route-map configuration commands specify the redistribution set actions to be performed when all the match criteria of a route map are met. When all match criteria are met, all set actions are performed.


This example shows how to set the tag value of the destination routing protocol to 5:

switch(config)# route-map test
switch(config-route-map)# set tag 5

Related Commands

match tag
Redistributes routes in the routing table that match the specified tags.
Defines the conditions for redistributing routes from one routing protocol into another.