vpc domain

To create a virtual port channel (vPC) domain and assign a domain ID, use the vpc domain command. To revert to the default vPC configuration, use the no form of this command.

vpc domain domain_id

no vpc domain domain_id

Syntax Description


vPC domain ID. The range is from 1 to 1000.

Command Default


Command Modes

Global configuration mode

Command History



This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

Before you can create a vPC domain and configure vPC on the switch, you must enable the vPC feature using the feature vpc command.

The vPC domain includes both vPC peer devices, the vPC peer keepalive link, the vPC peer link, and all the port channels in the vPC domain connected to the downstream device. You can have only one vPC domain ID on each device.

When configuring the vPC domain ID, make sure that the ID is different from the ID used by a neighboring vPC-capable device with which you may configure a double-sided vPC. This unique ID is needed because the system ID is derived from the MAC address ID of the switch. For a vPC, this MAC address is derived from the domain ID. As a result, in a peer-to-peer vPC configuration, if the neighboring switches use the same domain ID, a system ID conflict may occur in the LACP negotiation that may cause an unsuccessful LACP negotiation.

Under the vPC domain, make sure to configure the primary vPC device to ignore type checks by using the peer-config-check-bypass command.


This example shows how to create a vPC domain:

switch# configure terminal 
switch(config)# vpc domain 5 

Related Commands


copy running-config startup-config

Copies the running configuration to the startup configuration.

feature vpc

Enables or disables a vPC on the switch.


Ignores type checks on primary when the MCT is down.


Configures the vPC peer keepalive link.

reload restore

Restores the vPC peer links after a specified period of time.

role priority

Configures the role priority for the vPC device.

show vpc brief

Displays brief information about each vPC domain.