vlan access-map

To create a new VLAN access map or to configure an existing VLAN access map, use the vlan access-map command. To remove a VLAN access map, use the no form of this command.

vlan access-map map-name

no vlan access-map map-name

Syntax Description


Name of the VLAN access map that you want to create or configure. The name can be up to 64 alphanumeric, case-sensitive characters.

Command Default


Command Modes

Global configuration mode

Command History



This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

Each VLAN access map can include one match command and one action command.


This example shows how to create a VLAN access map named vlan-map-01, assign an IPv4 ACL named ip-acl-01 to the map, specify that the switch forwards packets matching the ACL, and enable statistics for traffic matching the map:

switch(config)# vlan access-map vlan-map-01 
switch(config-access-map)# match ip address ip-acl-01 
switch(config-access-map)# action forward 
switch(config-access-map)# statistics 

Related Commands



Specifies an action for traffic filtering in a VLAN access map.


Specifies an ACL for traffic filtering in a VLAN access map.

show vlan access-map

Displays all VLAN access maps or a VLAN access map.

show vlan filter

Displays information about how a VLAN access map is applied.

vlan filter

Applies a VLAN access map to one or more VLANs.