show ip eigrp traffic

To display the number of Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) packets sent and received, use the show ip eigrp traffic command.

show ip eigrp [instance-tag] traffic [vrf {vrf-name | all | default | management}]

Syntax Description


(Optional) Name of the EIGRP instance. The instance tag can be any case-sensitive, alphanumeric string up to 20 characters.

vrf vrf-name

(Optional) Specifies the name of the virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instance. The vrf-name argument can be specified as any case-sensitive, alphanumeric string up to 32 characters.


(Optional) Specifies all VRF instances.


(Optional) Specifies the default VRF.


(Optional) Specifies the management VRF.

Command Default

This command displays information for the default VRF if no VRF is specified.

Command Modes

Any command mode

Command History



This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

Use the show ip eigrp traffic command to find the number of packets sent and received by this EIGRP instance.

In addition, this command is useful in determining whether packets from one node are not reaching the neighboring node due to connectivity or configuration problems.

This command requires the LAN Base Services license.


This example shows how to display the EIGRP traffic statistics:

switch# show ip eigrp traffic
IP-EIGRP Traffic Statistics for AS 65535 VRF default
  Hellos sent/received: 29838/44756
  Updates sent/received: 1448/1775
  Queries sent/received: 33/47
  Replies sent/received: 31/31
  Acks sent/received: 1759/2061
  Input queue high water mark 33, 0 drops
  SIA-Queries sent/received: 0/0
  SIA-Replies sent/received: 0/0
  Hello Process ID: (no process)
  PDM Process ID: (no process)

Related Commands


show running-config eigrp

Displays EIGRP running configuration information.