show interface fcoe

To display information about the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) for an interface, use the show interface fcoe command.

show interface [interface number] fcoe

Syntax Description


(Optional) Interface, either Ethernet or EtherChannel.


Interface number. The number can be one of the following:

•The Ethernet interface slot and the port number within the slot. The slot number range is from 1 to 255, and the port number range is from 1/255.

•The EtherChannel number. The range is from 1 to 4096.

Command Default


Command Modes

EXEC mode

Command History



This command was introduced.


This example shows how to display the FCoE information for Ethernet interfaces:

switch# show interface fcoe 
Ethernet1/1 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/2 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/3 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/4 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/5 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/6 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/7 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/8 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/9 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/10 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/11 is FCoE down
Ethernet1/12 is FCoE down
Ethernet1/13 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/14 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/15 is FCoE down
Ethernet1/16 is FCoE down
Ethernet1/17 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/18 is FCoE down
Ethernet1/19 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/20 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/21 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/22 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/23 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/24 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/25 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/26 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/27 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/28 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/29 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/30 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/31 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/32 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/33 is FCoE UP
    vfc1 is Up
        FCID is 0x580016
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:0e:45
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:01
        FCID is 0x580017
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:21:bf
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:01
    vfc2 is Up
        FCID is 0x580020
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:0e:46
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:02
        FCID is 0x580033
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:21:c0
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:02
    vfc4 is Up
        FCID is 0x58001e
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:0e:48
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:04
        FCID is 0x580031
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:21:c2
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:04
    vfc5 is Up
        FCID is 0x58001d
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:0e:49
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:05
        FCID is 0x580030
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:21:c3
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:05
    vfc6 is Up
        FCID is 0x58001c
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:0e:4a
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:06
        FCID is 0x58002f
        PWWN is 10:00:00:00:07:f8:21:c4
        MAC addr is 00:00:00:13:05:06
Ethernet1/34 is FCoE down
Ethernet1/35 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/36 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/37 is FCoE down
Ethernet1/38 is FCoE UP
Ethernet1/39 is FCoE down
Ethernet1/40 is FCoE UP
Ethernet3/1 is FCoE down
Ethernet3/2 is FCoE down
Ethernet3/3 is FCoE UP
Ethernet3/4 is FCoE UP
Ethernet3/5 is FCoE UP
Ethernet3/6 is FCoE UP
port-channel1 is FCoE down
port-channel3 is FCoE UP
port-channel5 is FCoE down
port-channel6 is FCoE down
port-channel12 is FCoE down
port-channel15 is FCoE down
port-channel20 is FCoE down
port-channel24 is FCoE UP
port-channel25 is FCoE UP
port-channel33 is FCoE down
port-channel41 is FCoE down
port-channel44 is FCoE down
port-channel48 is FCoE down

This example shows how to display the FCoE information for a specific Ethernet interface:

switch# show interface ethernet 1/21 fcoe 
Ethernet1/21 is FCoE UP

This example shows how to display the FCoE information for a specific EtherChannel interface:

switch# show interface port-channel 3 fcoe 
port-channel3 is FCoE UP

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