Business Resiliency Infographic Retail
Redesign work.
Reimagine the future of retail.
Today’s changes and tomorrow’s uncertainties are redefining
your organization and how you work
According to CFOs surveyed in the June 2020 PwC US CFO Pulse Survey:
of consumers are more likely to
use curbside pickup following
the coronavirus outbreak. ¹
Compared to
Compared to 2019, global ecommerce retail sales are expected to double by 2023. ²
of retailers are
permanently changing their
remote working policies
The changes are so large, so fast, so many,
and in some cases, here to stay.
Your organization is faced with:
Acceleration of existing trends

Such as:

  • Massive migration to a remote workforce overnight
  • Increased security concerns
  • Expansion of cloud services and applications
Human Resource
Evolving business processes
Evolving Business

Such as:

  • Prioritization of worker safety and wellness
  • Evolving supply chains
  • Flexible fulfillment and omni-channel customer journey
Cisco Connected Experiences
Achieve business resilience

You need retail solutions that can scale quickly and securely across your organization, to gain the right insights for your business and remain agile despite ongoing challenges. Cisco securely connects your workforce, automates your processes, and engages your customers with the right digital touchpoints.

Cisco® Business
Resiliency Solutions

It’s time to provide an adaptable, productive, and trusted experience for your employees, customers, and partners. From remote office spaces to curbside store locations, here’s how our solutions help you reimagine and redesign your workforce and workplaces.

Business Resiliency Solutions
Cisco Secure
Cisco Secure Remote Workforce
helps you:
  • Empower workers with mobile tools and secure access
  • Optimize IT investments and employee experiences
  • Extend HQ and enterprise-class operations to the home
Cisco Trusted
Cisco Trusted Workplace
helps you:
  • Ensure workers’ physical safety and protect workers’ data
  • Evolve to a secure and seamless distributed work model
  • Expand operational consistency across environments
Secure Remote Workforce
Flexible Remote AccessFlexible Remote Access
Secure Remote CollaborationSecure Remote Collaboration
Remote Contact Center
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Remote Expert Access
Optimized Application Experience
Foundational Capabilities
Additional capabilities
Trusted Workplace
Secure AccessSecure Access
Seamless CollaborationSeamless Collaboration
Remote Operations
Social Density
Proximity Reporting
Asset and Facility Monitoring
Explore our retail use cases for Secure Remote Work
and Trusted Workplace
Achieve these retail objectives
  • Social distance monitoring
  • Remote customer service
  • Maintain PPE Compliance
  • Vehicle/customer detection
  • Work from home
Retail Objectives
With our supporting use cases
  • Click and collect
  • Safety and surveillance
  • Mobile engagement
  • Digital training and communication
  • Application performance management
Supporting Use Cases
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See how Cisco Business Resiliency Solutions can deliver on Cisco’s commitment to solve challenges and accelerate transformation in your industry.

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