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Intent-Based Security for Industrial Networks
Security risks increase as more industrial devices are connected Learn More
Connected things will hit 30 billion endpoints by 2020, and by 2025 that number could reach 80 billion1.



1 Source: IDC Dawn of the DX Economy and the New Tech Industry, doc #DR2017_GS1_FG, February.

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69% of organizations believe OT is a viable attack vector in 20181

On the plant floor, as connectivity increases, so does complexity, and so do security concerns. Every new asset you put on the network is another security consideration.

IT and OT need to work together to define a defense in-depth strategy

Learn More

  • Older equipment originated in a time far removed from today’s cyber threats, and isn’t designed for security.
  • The manufacturing industry is becoming an increasingly alluring target for cybercriminals.

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Enable a real-time view of your entire network topology, with alerting, segmentation, and more. So both IT and OT stay informed of what they need to know to ensure continuous operation.

Delivers visibility into assets on the network and gives the OT team a centralized view of network activity Learn More
  • Enables IT to predefine security policies and dynamically assigns them based on input and intent from the OT team
  • Cisco® Industrial Network Director (IND) provides operations teams a full view of their network topology, so they better understand what’s normal and what is cause for concern
  • Cisco IND interfaces with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). OT staff can input their intent, and Cisco IND dynamically applies the correct security policies for the scenario, based on previous IT policy definition
  • Cisco Stealthwatch® provides the deep network visibility and analytics that IT teams need to build the best possible security policy strategy and to keep up to date on network activity

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