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Manufacturing Kinetic Interactive Web Tool

Dramatically simplify your IoT project

Solving the IoT data challenges

IoT challenges

  • You want to derive value from your data
  • IoT exponentially increases the
    amount and types of your data
  • But your “things” and
    applications are distributed
Asset 2 App

You’re facing major challenges!

Complexity of connecting, securing, and managing diverse devices
Data remains locked in silos

No programmatic way to move the right data to right apps at the right time
No software control to enforce data ownership

Why IoT data fabric is needed

Move the right data to the right applications at the right time.

  • Improved efficiencies
  • Lower costs
  • Less downtime

Cisco Kinetic solves three substantive IoT challenges for companies,

Easily connect their devices on the world’s enterprise networks
Benefit from a highly distributed computing environment to deliver fast decisions
Ensure data is securely extracted and routed to where it can deliver the most value

Cisco Kinetic makes it easy to connect distributed devices (“things”) to the network — then extract, normalize, and securely move data from those devices to distributed applications. Plus, this platform plays a vital role in enforcing policies defined by data owners, as to which data goes where, and when.

Cisco IoT Portfolio

Cisco Kinetic architecture

Connect, automate, scale

Cisco Kinetic Data control

  • Programmatic Data delivery

Cisco Kinetic Gateway Management

  • Gateway provisioning
  • App Lifecycle
  • Remote Configuration

Cisco Kinetic Edge and Fog Processing

  • Device protocol manager
  • High speed broker
  • Application deployment
  • Data transformation/normalization

Cisco Kinetic for manufacturing

Cisco Kinetic starter solutions

Cisco Kinetic for Manufacturing

Use Cases

  • Connected Machine (OEM, factory Owner)
  • Equipment Health Monitoring
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Track & Trace (RTLS)
Cisco Kinetic for Oil & Gas

Use Cases

  • Connected Rig
  • Connected OIl Well
  • Connected Refinery


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