How to Gain Operational Excellence Safely and Securely

A phased approach that keeps things running

We propose a phased approach for your security strategy, so as to reduce the chance of interruption.

The three phases


Secure connectivity and segmentation

Creating a network environment that ensures secured connectivity from top to bottom—where you control what can connect to the network plus who or what can connect to which systems


Visibility and control

Determining what systems are vulnerable and determining how to protect them against threats—while allowing you to continue to operate in a safe and efficient manner


Converged security and depth

Coordinating security policy across the multiple boundaries, and providing secure remote access that limits outside vendors’ access to just the right piece of equipment—and only when actually necessary

But before we break down each of these phases, it’s important to first address two critical prerequisites—understanding the technology stack and identifying organizational ownership.

Why Cisco?

The underlying security controls must do their jobs well. We have invested over $7 billion in a comprehensive, industry-leading portfolio of advanced security controls across the network, user/endpoint, and the cloud. It’s backed by Cisco Talos, our threat intelligence and research group. And we will continue to invest in our security portfolio to ensure that each and every individual product solves the cybersecurity challenge that it’s designed to solve—both today and in the future.

More reasons to choose Cisco